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Living Extraordinarily
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If a life is made up of one day at a time, and one day is made up of a moment at a time, then what is it that makes those moments worth living? Extravagant vacations? Well, that'll do in a pinch. But even then, is it the extravagance that makes it satisfying, or is it other elements that make it extraordinary?

Most of our lives consist of ordinary happenings, but now and then we do need something extraordinary. That's why we should always be looking for ways to make the ordinary extraordinary.

But what makes something graduate from ordinary status to the extraordinary? Well, it can be anything, and it doesn't even have to cost any money, which is a welcome thought in a shaky economy.      

For example, Mark and I took an afternoon vacation a week ago. It was a gorgeous day in Iowa, so after going to church, we hopped on the Harley and drove to the lake.


Now, the interesting point to note here is that this is the same little tour we do several times a week. The lake is only a few miles away, and we are fortunate to be able to ride there often. However, on this day, we decided to pack a picnic. So, into the saddle bags went sandwiches, one soda to share, and homemade salsa that we had made from our own garden just days earlier.  

After enjoying our lunch at a secluded picnic table, we took a walk along a beach and climbed some rocks where we soaked up the most intoxicating fresh air! We had also packed the camera, so we took a few pictures to document our “vacation” and then gathered some rocks as souvenirs. We both agreed that the adventure was delightful, and we felt as revived as if we had been in the Rockies. What had usually been ordinary had become extraordinary simply by adding a few random items and an attitude of adventure.

Extraordinary living is easier than you may think, and the benefits are refreshing. Just keep your eyes open for ways you can take the ordinary things in your life and make them extraordinary. It may be as simple as dressing up to go on a fast food date with your spouse. Or maybe you could read a good book by flashlight under the stars. In the shorter days of coming winter, get up early and have breakfast by candlelight!

Go for it! An extraordinary experience is waiting for you.

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