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Beautiful Changes
Photo: Studiomill
I was picking up autumn leaves when I noticed that even though they were all from the same tree, they varied somewhat in size and color. The fallen leaves gave growth to these thoughts. 

Autumn is an invitation to see the beauty in change, and enjoy the differences. It is the random variance of colors that creates a striking landscape. Sometimes, on a single tree, several colors are displayed. This symphony of colors is music to our eyes. It brightens our days and lightens our hearts.

But do we see the beauty in Christian brothers and sisters who are different or vary slightly from us? We are all from the same family tree, and have an amazingly creative Father.

True Colors

As I continued to observe the tree's fallen gems I had collected, I pondered their recent change. The shortening days that provided less light for the photosynthesis and the flow of chlorophyll. This change allowed the leaves true colors to come through and shine with a radiance. But as they continue to receive less and less of the needed sunlight, the leaves will begin to wither. Soon they will be torn from the branches by chilly, gusty winds and rain storms. 

This is often true for you and me. It is during the darker days, when hard times come and the storms of life shake us, that our true colors are revealed. Unlike the leaf, we can choose to cling to faith and keep shining, or let the bitter winds of doubt blow us away. 

We cannot know what will come next any more than a leaf can know where it will be blown. But, autumn teaches and reminds us to trust God in every circumstance and season. God creates beautiful changes!
“When I am afraid, I will trust in you” (Psalm 56:3).

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