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Bucket List
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I've been hearing more and more chatter about people making a bucket list. Apparently, a movie inspired the idea of making a list of things you want to accomplish before you “kick the bucket.” Thus, a bucket list.

It's not a bad idea at all, and it's a fact that people who set goals for themselves tend to be more productive and fulfilled. But while the idea has merit, I find that the actual list is rather disheartening.

I did a search for the phrase “bucket list” and found many lists that people have made and are still compiling, detailing the things that they want to accomplish while they are still alive. What I found were similar lists which formed common top categories. Categories like travel, losing weight, extreme sports like skydiving or mountain-climbing, running a marathon, quitting a job, or learning a new language. There's nothing wrong with those goals, but it was just a bit disappointing to see that at the top of the lists were things that were centered around self-satisfaction. I couldn't help wondering why there weren't more things on people's bucket lists having to do with serving other people while you still can.

And, of course, the next thing I wondered was, what about my bucket list?

Reaching Out

So, how is it with you? If you knew you only had a certain amount of time to live, what would you do with it? Or let's say you expect to live to be 100. What's on your bucket list? Is it a collection of things that you want to do for you while you are still alive? Or does it include passion for reaching out to others while you still can? How about improving the lives of others while they are still alive?

A fitting quote by an anonymous author suggests, “The best way to live your life is to spend it doing something that will outlast it.” Think about that. A bucket list that includes things that primarily serve oneself ends when the bucket gets kicked. The skydiving is done. The motorcycle is sold. The job is refilled. But if we live our lives with passion for others, the list doesn't end. It lives on in the ones who received our love and time and work and play for their benefit.

I've decided that a bucket list is a good idea, and I'm going to make one. But I'm asking God to inspire my list to include aspirations that will not be limited by an earthly time clock of life and death, but rather by a timeless passion to know God and to help others to do the same. I have a feeling that in the process, I'll experience an exhilarating ride!

What's on your bucket list?

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