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Thrown to the Wolves?
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“So you’re just going to throw her to the wolves?” My mother heard the question as clear as day during her devotional time. She knew that ‘her’ was me.  

I was a senior in high school, planning to go the college that gave me the best scholarship. Fortunately for me, (I thought) that college was just a subway ride away and I could stay close to my ailing mother. Frankly, my ailing mother was much healthier than I was. My mother maintained a prayer relationship with God that I could not understand at that time, but I saw its effects in her life, and ultimately on my own life.

That evening when I came home from a horrific registration day and sorrowfully relayed to my mother that the administration didn’t respect my belief in God, she seemed to understand even before I told her. Thankfully, she knew just who to talk to about her concerns.

By a miracle that could have only been orchestrated by God, I did not end up going to the school I mistakenly thought was the ‘one’.  I ended up at the school that God knew was the right choice. I am convinced that if my mother had not been fervently praying for me during this time, my life would have been completely different than it is today.

Priceless Pleas

Parents, how often do you pray for your children? Should you consider doubling it? We are living in one of the most treacherous, contentious and distressing times that this world has ever seen. The messages children are facing each day tell them that they aren't rich, smart, skinny or sexy enough for survival in this world.

The recent riots in London were spearheaded mostly by young people who a reporter labeled as "a generation having no hope, and nothing to lose." What a heartbreaking assessment.

When our children are hurting, sometimes prayer is the only action available which can begin to heal that hurt.

If you aren’t already having family worship, this would be a great time to start. Those few moments of quiet time with God and your family could blossom into a source of much needed strength and stability in this unstable world.

God listens closely to your prayers. A parent who prays fervently for his or her child is allowing God to work through their hands. Please don’t be discouraged; don't ever feel that God has not heard your prayer. You never know in which way God will work a situation out; God can do things that you can’t even fathom.

My mother passed away years ago, but I sometimes wonder if some blessings I enjoy today are due to prayers she said for me while she was alive.

Don’t ever hesitate to present your children to God whose love for your children rivals your own. If we don’t pray for our children who will?

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