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Flower Gardening
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As a journalist, I have interviewed many gardeners, including Master Gardeners, yet I never asked, “Are you drawn closer to God as a result of your gardening?” When the opportunity comes again, I will. I venture to guess that few, if any, who study such extensive classes come away with a feeling of Godlessness. There’s something about a garden that evokes belief in a higher Being.

Though vegetable gardens provide an abundance of good foods, including the lowly zucchini, which I absolutely love, I especially find flower gardening satisfying. Flowers because of  their beauty and fragrance  are pleasant to behold. Flowers are usually a part of weddings because they add to the beauty of  celebration. Flowers cheer those who are ill, they provide a sense of comfort for those who grieve, and some flowers even provide food, especially in salads. Of course, gifts of flowers “just because” always bring joy.

My daughter, Stephanie, is an avid flower gardener. From the time of her young childhood, she possessed a penchant for growing flowers. Together, each year, she and I planted flower seeds on Mother’s Day, in a bed around a tree in our front lawn. On Father’s Day, we transplanted them—and tended them throughout summer until the last blooms in the fall. After she married, she developed several garden beds, and she soon learned the names of the most common and not so common flowers. Her flowers are to be envied.

Lavender Hybrid

My husband and I used to grow rose bushes. We gifted rose bouquets to others. One friend told me that she’d never seen florist’s roses as lovely as ours, especially one particular lavender rose hybrid.

Flowers evoke female given names such as Rose, Iris or Lily. Perfumeries spend fortunes developing fragrances to copy exotic flower fragrances. Even Jesus, whom Christians name The Master Gardener, is also called The Rose of Sharon, a delicate flower that grows in the area of Palestine. During Bible times that particular flower held high esteem with the people. There is an actual place in Palestine called the field of Sharon. I once saw a beautiful painting of Jesus wearing a garland of Roses of Sharon. It’s most appropriate. After all, as The Master Gardener, He prunes us with loving care so that we may grow into blooms, bearing beautiful fragrance for Him.

These days my flower gardening consists of hanging baskets. My husband and I no longer grow rose bushes. Our daughter does.

On this earth, because of sin’s curse, flowers wilt and die, just as we do. Yet God promises us this in the New Jerusalem, “And there shall be no more curse, but the throne of God and of the lamb shall be in it, and His servants shall serve Him” (Revelation 2:3). Our flower gardening on this earth, be it in beds or baskets, serves as a connection to God. Thus, we look forward to the new earth, where we’ll grow forever—flowers with The Master Gardener.

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