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Like Scratchy
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Scratchy is definitely not a curl-up in your lap and pet me kind of cat. I try to entice him. I give him treats. I talk to him—but to no avail. Every time I reach to pet him, he shies away from my touch.  

Yet, I know he wants to be near me. When I go for a walk in our woods, he follows a short distance away and when I sit on our back porch he comes and sits just out of my reach. He wants to be a part of my life, but at a distance.  Perhaps he thinks if I hold and pet him he will give up his independence—that he will be changed.

Originally Scratchy was my son’s cat.  When he and his family moved to the city they took him with them. Their intention was to keep Scratchy inside their home, but he escaped. They searched in vain for him and then one day, six months later, they heard a meow at their door—it was Scratchy. He was thin and looked terrible, but they knew by his markings that he was their cat.

That’s how Scratchy came to live with my husband and me. There would be no more bright, city lights for Scratchy, just the quiet, peaceful countryside.


I’m not sure what happened in Scratchy’s past that makes him so distrustful. Perhaps something occurred on those cold, lonely city streets that made him lose faith in everything but himself.  How different things would be for Scratchy if he’d only trust me!
Sometimes we are like Scratchy. We want to be a Christian, to be associated with Jesus and His church, but on our own terms. Perhaps on the cold, dark streets of our lives we, too, have learned to trust no one but ourselves. But still we sense our need for a Savior. We hesitate. We are afraid to submit to His touch because we know He will change us. Jesus urges, “Come unto me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls”( Matthew 11: 28, 29).

I haven’t given up on Scratchy and neither will God give up on us. Don’t follow Him from a distance. Let Him touch your life today!

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