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We’ll Stay in Touch?
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Peeps is a modern term used to refer to your crew, gang, friends, buddies, pals, people, posse or whatever you call your friends.

When I graduated from high school, I remember hugging my peeps and shedding tears as we bid each other goodbye. In that handshake line, many promised to keep in touch no matter what.

But, as we all dispersed to different areas—various colleges/universities across the country—my crew of forty downsized to a dozen making us instant liars. Like many of the pre-Internet generations, we called and wrote each other racking up long distance phone charges for a while.  

Beckoning careers and marriages brought more responsibilities to all of our lives, and my peeps became collateral damage dwindling to only six. Sure, the explosion of the Internet afforded us new opportunities to communicate via email and the social media helped us reconnect with those lost up to that point. But our busy lives continued chipping away, continually pushing that pledge out of our reach.

Downsized to Three

A few short years after college graduation brought diaper changing, late night singing or driving to quiet fussy newborns, in hopes that someone might get some sleep. That eventually morphed into potty training, and then Kindergarten. And yes, you guessed it, soon my high school posse I continued to hang out with downsized to three.

As I reflect on those words we offered each other back in high school, I can’t help but think ahead, to the coming years. I look at the many graying and aging seniors in my life—family members, friends, and church members and I see, though still many years away, the next aspect of my own life flash before me. Even sadder reasons for losing friends awaits me down the road. Though I don’t dwell on it, I must some day come to terms with that fact that death will decrease the number of my friends.

I did not intentionally lie when I promised to keep in touch with those friends in high school. I hoped and aspired to stay in touch forever. I surmise that when I do say final goodbyes in this life to my peeps, that I will have the hope one day to see them again and hang out with them like I did back in the day. When that happens, it will be under heaven’s tree of life and this time no distractions will cause us to drift apart.

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