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Wrinkle Cream
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We’ve a new cosmetic industry representative in our neighborhood who would love to sell me some anti-aging skin cream. Or at least a bunch of makeup to cover my face.

I should be begging for it, shouldn’t I, to preserve my “youth.”

“Rarely use it;” I tell her, “can’t remember to. Stuff sits in the drawer for years and years until I throw it out.”

What a person puts on his or her face or body to appear youthful is not nearly as important as what is in that person’s heart. Love is the greatest restorer and keeper of youth—God’s love especially.

Nothing softens the deep creases of a person’s countenance like the radiance of God’s love within. Think of the beauty of the lines in Mother Teresa’s face as she cradled an infant or a dying man in her arms. Someone “beautiful for God”, she was.

So many ways to stay young: exercising, eating healthfully, maintaining friendships, continuing to learn. But nothing is as crucial to the satisfactory life as what takes place in the mind and soul.

Worries Deepen Wrinkles

Perhaps you’ve noticed: smiles outshine frowns! And worries deepen wrinkles. Worries are different than concerns, I think. A concern is something to look at rationally and determine a course of action or inaction. A worry is something that nags from all directions, calling forth the irrational impulses of the mind as well as the rational ones. An old Ziggy™ cartoon said it best: “Worry is like rocking in a rocking chair…a whole lot of motion but not going anywhere.”

Worry shrivels the soul and dampens the spirit. The joy is pressed out of life by the depressed mind. Have you noticed that?

Psalm 37 has a profound recipe for a youthful and happy heart. “Do not fret…” it starts, “or be envious…”  “Trust in the Lord and do good…Delight yourself in the Lord…Commit your way to the Lord…”

The promise is that the Lord “will make your righteousness shine like the dawn.” We’re in a cosmic battle and we can be at peace because the Lord fights for us.

Sure there is evil and trouble. We are surrounded by it, entrenched in it. But we know who wins in the end.  “Refrain from anger and turn from wrath; do not fret—it leads only to evil,” Psalm 37:8.

Wrinkle cream cannot counteract on the outside what is taking place on the inside. Take the words of Jesus: “Do not worry….Do not judge….” Matthew 6:25, 7:1. We’d all live happier, freer lives if we did.

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