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Words to Bless
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About ten years after my father died, my sister, who continued to live in our parents’ old home, came across a handwritten notebook that I’d given to Dad on his birthday in 1980. In it I’d penned memories, thoughts and poems I hoped he’d enjoy.

As I read my tribute to this loving and loved parent, I felt a deep gladness that I had taken the time and courage to share as I did. Ours was a loving family but not the touchy-feely sort. To express my inner thoughts was a tremendous break with tradition but it proved positive, opening the door to learning more of my parents’ side of the memories.

I am convinced that everyone has a story to tell, a life-observation to share. Each of us sees life in a unique way—like light through a prism. I also believe that everyone has somebody to write to. It might be personal, like my book to Dad. It might be for a larger audience such as a local congregation or community; world church or nation. It could be written for children, moms, dads, statesmen, prisoners, shut-ins, men and women fighting for freedom and human rights, wounded warriors—physically or mentally—for whom “home” will never be the same. If your heart has prayers to pray, it has words to say.

Starts with a Thought

It all starts with a thought, a memory, an impulse—and a note pad and pen to write it down. It starts with a heart burning to share something precious, something wonderful, something important, something true with someone else because you want them to catch the firelight in their own souls.

I believe everyone has something to write; and that what is written from the heart touches hearts. I believe those who take the courage, time and effort to write grow richer in spirit as they witness how God uses their words to lift and bless—especially when their words are reflective of The Word—God’s “love letter” to the world.

Writing is a skill most of us learn as young children. But it’s a skill that unless exercised, becomes easily lost, especially in our age of electronics, texting and tweeting. Writing and expressing thoughts in coherent manner is like any other learned function: if we don’t exercise it regularly, we lose it.

So, take up your pen or start your computer and write!
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