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The "Active" Life
What does an active life mean to you? Jogging three time a week? Playing tennis or golf? Or simply a sauntering walk? Yes, it can mean all those things but what about those who can’t do any of those physical things, including the walking?

As we age, some people become limited for various reasons. It’s extremely hard emotionally for the one who did employ a physically active routine to not be able to do that anymore. Such limitations set a scenario for making the afflicted person feel much older than their years. So how does one stay “young” in that situation?

One solution is to pass on whatever you do well to others of any age but it’s especially rewarding to observe someone younger see the light of what you teach them and run with it. You know that your skills will not blow away like the wind, even after your passing.

Years ago, some friends gifted my husband and me with this plaque, “Only one life, will soon be past; only what’s done for Christ will last.” Those 14 words presented me with an added challenge to do my best for Jesus. And  now that I’m older those words add a new perspective of passing on what I can to the younger generations in my life.


Mentoring others does truly add a dimension of youth to one’s life. The very act of sharing what you’ve learned returns you to your own younger days, be it childhood or adulthood.

As a writer, I continue to see the lights go on in an upcoming writer’s head. When they get it—I’m rewarded beyond measure, because every time I see a student’s work in print, I know they are benefitting readers, I’m excited for them. I recall my first published work—unpaid –but extremely rewarding. Many of my students don’t struggle through the freebie time, they sell right away and I rejoice!

What do you have to pass on? Do you crochet beautiful doilies, are you a woodcarver? What about gardening, playing an instrument? Recall the first doily you crocheted, the first piece you created from a block of wood, the first tomato you ate from your planting, the first string you plucked on a guitar? Now think about it, did any of these accomplishments make you feel old? No way! They all made you feel at least young-at-heart, didn’t they? And if you learned them in old age, you probably felt like a kid again.

The active life means more about keeping the brain working than anything else. Thus, if you really want the fountain of youth to be a part of your life, share what you know and learn from others. If you do it all for Jesus’ sake, the bonus is even more meaningful. The active life that includes Him reminds you that one day you’ll run like the hart in heaven, even if you’re presently slowed to a pace. That’s really living an active life!

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