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Lesson from My Laptop
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I just had an amazingly annoying experience.

I’d put off taking my Toshiba laptop computer to the repair shop for the past three, maybe four months. I bought the four-year-old laptop “refurbished." Then a message kept popping up on the screen alerting me that my Windows Explorer was crashing. I couldn't decide how much I was willing to pay to repair it when I might have to buy a new laptop soon, and I feared the worst.

In an effort to save money, I tried taking apart the laptop myself. Yet the more stuff I unscrewed, the more I realized I probably should let professionals take it apart instead. Still afraid of how much it was going to cost me, I let the laptop sit in my room while I tried using other computers at school.

Finally, frustrated by the inconvenience of not having my laptop to work on whenever I needed to or wanted to, I caved in and took it to the shop.

Several days later I got the call - my laptop was ready for pickup. With a lump in my throat, and with fear and anticipation I asked, “How much do I owe?"

How Much Do I Owe?

The technician calmly answered, “Forty-seven dollars.”

I could've flipped out - from joy and frustration. I'd lived without my laptop for four months for $47!

When I got to the shop I couldn’t help asking, “What was wrong with it?”

The technician shrugged. "The hard drive just needed to be cleaned out and updated - nothing really big."

Right then and there God impressed me with what had just happened. How often I do the same thing in my life - I try to fix my own problems when I know I need to bring them to God. And yet I fear that the cost will be too great. I worry, if I give up control of my life, what will happen?

What I really need God to do is to clean my spiritual "hard drive." Ezekiel 36:26 says that God will give me a new heart and put a new spirit within me, which I need Him to do every day. What will it cost? I know what it'll cost: it'll cause me to give up things that I seem to enjoy - things that I know don't belong in my life, and that I know don't glorify God. It'll require me to give up my own will so that God's will can play out in my life. The price is worth it though.

Every time I give in to God and see Him working in my life, I wonder how I could've been so stingy as to hold out for something so small - like $47. Certainly heaven is cheap enough!

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