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Aged Music
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Music holds an integral part in my life. Like many, I can equate certain events in my life to certain songs and vice versa. Even my last holdout for becoming a Christian involved music. It wasn’t until I prayed and asked God to give me a replacement for the secular music I used to love, that I finally turned my life over to Him.

Last evening, I added memories to a new generation’s love of music by taking my three older kids to a concert of some of my favorite musicians; Michael Card, Steve Green, Twila Paris, and Wayne Watson. It was deemed a classic Christian tour with the four of them touring together. I can’t believe that their music is considered classic. It’s been years since I last felt old, but as I’m months away from my fortieth birthday, I couldn’t help but think the same thoughts so many have thought before me…I’m getting old.

How in the world is music written in 1985 considered classic? Several of the musicians even commented on it. Twila Paris stated that, “When the event organizers called me to be a part of this tour…A Classic Christian tour; I thought, classic is close to classy and I am classy. You all here are classy.” Many laughs came by that comment.


She then said, “But then I started to think about classic cars, and then I knew I better stop thinking.” A little later on, she asked a question about how many people were there with their parents. She then told those who raised their hands that they were not even born when she wrote the next song.

Steve Green said, “It’s like singing old hymns from the hymnal.”

I sat reflecting as I listened to the lyrics being sung. I compared those lyrics with some of the contemporary Christian song lyrics sung by the now popular groups, and how the new songs just didn't seem to work for me. But those now aged songs, those classic songs, sung that evening still spoke to me as they had in the formative years of my Christian experience.

I can’t help but compare that to my own life. As I approach middle age, I love my wife deeper because of the aged love we share. I love my Lord more than I used to, and I treasure wisdom more than I ever have. Life’s lessons take on new meanings in my life. Like those aged songs which speak to my heart, I now find more value in the meaty things in life that teach me and draw me closer to my Savior.

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