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Jesus' Hands
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Have you ever given much thought to Jesus’ hands?  First, they were chubby baby hands, a baby at his mother Mary’s breast for nourishment. Surely he patty-caked and clapped his hands as other children did.

As he grew into boyhood, His hands probably played various games with His young friends. Yet by age 12, His hands held the scrolls in the temple—and He astonished the hoary-headed, learned ones.

He took his apprenticeship at His father Joseph’s carpenter shop. His hands, the hands that created our world, now created boats for fishermen (some of whom even angled for souls), perhaps even toy boats for little boys or cradles for little girl’s dolls, home furnishings perhaps fine furnishings for the wealthy—perhaps living quarters?

He and His father most likely felled trees together from which they crafted their carpentry. Joseph was not a rich man and probably could not hire that done. Jesus’ hands surely felt many splinters as He lifted and dragged just the right wood back to His father’s shop. Indeed, calloused hands. Thus, His hands were strong hands. Joseph surely must have enjoyed working with his son. Can you envision him smiling with pride at the work of Jesus?

He Cradled Them

As a young man, of 30, He embarked upon His ministry to the world, His reason for leaving heaven and coming to live among us. His hands now touched the eyes of the blind and they saw—Him! His hands lifted up little ones onto his lap and He cradled them. He touched the lepers, “the unclean ones” and the scales fell off!

Yet the tale of Jesus’ hands is not all fine and kind. For the forces of evil determined to break the loving hands of our Savior, where our names are written. His hands bled as He bore the weight of the cross to Golgotha. When the heavy mallet struck blow after blow to set the cross into the earth on that hill, Jesus was already nailed upon it. The force of the cross pushing into the hole caused the large spikes driven into His hands to tear through His flesh. Those beloved hands with our names written upon His palms, Satan tried to destroy. Jesus hung in agony. Blood oozed from His hands and ran down his body, dripping on the freshly dug soil. Yet he arose--The Victor.

Again, I ask, have you ever really considered the hands of Jesus? Luke 10:20 provides us the promise, “… rejoice because your names are written in heaven.” This because He bore the scars for our sins. Scars He’ll wear throughout eternity. The hands of Jesus: there is no other touch we need as much.

And one day, Jesus’ hands will reach out to welcome us home to heaven. Just imagine!

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