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A Writer's Worth
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Writers display many genres and styles. However, for the Christian writer, the craft is more than words on paper or a website or a kindle, writing is a responsibility—not only to one’s reader but also to the One who gives us the talent.

As we heed our responsibility, our talent takes on a patina. It shines, not as a glare but as a beacon. Our writing becomes something others yearn to read. They look forward to what we share. It is up to us not to disappoint them or the Lord.

Sometimes we writers fear that our writing skills are lacking. Yet if we know in our hearts that we are writers, if we have put our efforts into learning all we can about what we do, if others have acknowledged the talent in us, then we need to heed the admonition of Jesus, “Don’t be afraid; just believe” (Mark 5:36 NIV). Claiming that promise daily, we push forward continuing to write.

The public sector is not always the basket to hold one’s writing. Some write quietly, blessing with words in ways that may seem hidden but to someone they are like guiding beams. This can be accomplished by writing notes or entire letters of encouragement.

Balm for Our Pain

A recent heart-wound, known but by a wee circle, resulted in a gifted writer-friend creating a poem for my husband and I. The words provided a balm for our pain. We bless the writer of the poem for her unique perception of what we are facing—and for the comfort of her understanding. Like a gentle hand on the shoulder for one downtrodden, her words allowed us to know that she ached for us. Far more than a cursory, “I’m sorry,” she got into our pain with us.

Our word-blessing opportunities, as writers, are many. Poetry is only one way, yet often writers find poetry elusive. If you are a writer who feels bereft of poetry skills, think about how poetry comes to life. Poetry arrives by observation and awareness. Our senses are the key to create poetry. Even the blind can wax poetic by what they hear, touch, smell or taste. Then as our emotions and feelings mesh with the revelations, wordcrafting ensues. The plus comes when we share what we write with others. Viola! Poetry is born.

However, whatever our writing genre(s), as we share, we serve. Thus, we carry out our responsibility as Christian writers, blessing others by birthing words. It is a form of creation. Indeed, a privilege that God allows us.

If you are a writer, bless someone today with prayed-for words. Don’t let time pass, be it for one person or for a multitude of eyes. If you are a Christian who writes, you are one of God’s servants. Bless you.

"That I may proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all Your wondrous works" (Psalm 26:7 NKJV).

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