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Alone in a Crowd
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Alone in a crowd is an expression to describe utter loneliness. God’s Word addresses loneliness in Psalm 68:6. “God sets the lonely in families…” What does that mean? I read a Bible commentary on that text, which referred to the state of an unmarried man who is too poor to afford a dowry for a wife; thus, unable to found a family of his own.

Yet God does not leave singles bereft of being a part of any family, be it those of his surname or an adopted family or both. Singleness is not unique. Many people never marry just like the poor man or various other reasons. Some marry but later find themselves single again through divorce or death of a spouse.

It’s obvious that the apostle Paul chose singleness. It is an extension of God’s grace that he accepted his alone state in a society that required marriage in order to be well-accepted in the community or as placement into religious positions. Paul also admitted to being afflicted to keep him from conceit, and he earnestly pled for the thorn to be removed from him, “But He (the Lord) said to me, my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12: 9).


Is there any real state of aloneness, if God is ever with us through His grace? To those who call upon Him, He sends His sweet Spirit. God’s grace is a mercy given to all who accept Him as Father. With that gift comes a connection to the heavenly family.

Jesus prompts the Holy Spirit to work in the minds and on the hearts of His children to include singles in their lives. It is a ministry that almost every child of God can participate in, a compassionate part of loving others.

My husband and I , over our many years of marriage, have taken many singles from youth to old age, under our wings (not for the purpose of matchmaking, though I’ll admit to enjoying doing that too) but for inclusion in our family. Is this what God means by setting the lonely in families?

It seems that God extends His grace through both solitude and solidarity—and with that no one is ever alone in a crowd.

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