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The Grip of Appetite
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I just don’t know what to do! I want to change my diet and lose weight, but I feel stuck. I really don’t know how to cook and all these interesting recipes feel overwhelming to me. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” These are the words of a friend who wanted to lose weight. After attending a health seminar, my friend sat in the back row feeling quite discouraged. Have you ever felt motivated to change your lifestyle so that you can stay young and healthy, but found it hard to begin? You are not alone.

Some people think addictions are limited to street drugs or alcohol, but food can be addicting. There is power in the appetite and it takes more than a flip of a switch to exercise your willpower. Here are three things that can set you free from your addiction to food. First, make a strong, clear decision that you will not be ruled by appetite. If this is someone else’s decision, you will not be motivated. If you feel half-hearted about it, you drain the power out of your will. Say to yourself (or better yet, to a friend), “I don’t exactly know how I am going to do this, but I WILL lose weight.”

Next, set simple, specific and reasonable goals. Do not attempt many goals. Choose one goal and make it something you can do. (“I will not eat desserts for 10 days” instead of “I will quit eating desserts.”) Nothing helps you succeed like success. Be victorious in one area of your life, even if it seems like a small step forward.

Pray Every Day

Finally, pray every day about your choice. God is your friend and wants to help you. The Lord looks lovingly at you with warm, caring thoughts. Jesus Christ lives to provide you the strength to grow in your lifestyle changes. It is hard to let go, but trust yourself in God’s hands and the Lord will set you free.

It’s like the popular story on how to catch monkeys in the wild. First, cut a hole in a coconut (or gourd) just big enough for a monkey’s hand. Then put rice in the coconut and tie it down. Now a curious monkey will come and stick his hand in the shell grasping the food. Since the monkey will not let go of this food, he cannot get his hand out, so he is easily captured.

If you are addicted to food, let go. Of course you need food to survive, but loosen your grip on food and fasten your grip on God. The Lord will provide for all your needs. Be determined to let go, set reasonable goals, and pray earnestly for help. God will set you free.

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