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Vacation Observations
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As we entered the national park and began winding our way through the mountains, I noticed two things immediately. The speed limit dropped drastically, and the roadside was peppered with pull-offs. Some of the pull-offs were there so you could stop at a scenic overlook or admire a waterfall. Other pull-offs were there to provide a place to park and give you a chance to take a quiet walk in nature. It seems the park designer knew people would need to stop or they would miss much. 

This got me thinking how we speed through our days and barely slow down long enough to fall into bed. We have become accustomed to moving at the speed of life, but what are we missing? Did we miss a pull-off for a parent’s birthday, our child’s parent day, helping a friend in need, or listening to that still small voice? 

I don’t know about you, but on vacation I don’t want to miss anything. I want to go to nearly every stop and soak it in. Even more importantly, I don’t want to miss an opportunity to spend time with loved ones or in my hurry forget Jesus who has shown me so much love and mercy. I don’t want to rush through life and miss these important pull-offs.

Be Flexible
Being flexible is an important part of vacation and life. Plans are good, but surprises can be even better. When the picnic tables are all taken, find a tree near a river, enjoy the shade, and listen to the rocks and water tell of their journey. Accept the rainy days. Not every day is meant to be full of sun and running. Without rest and rain, there would not be growth. It’s not easy when life doesn’t turn out like we plan, but we can trust that Jesus will help us through the rainy days. He has surprises for us we can’t imagine.  

No place and no person exists by itself. We went to the mountains and they were awesome, but there was so much more. A mountain is not just massive rock. It is also made up of trees, streams, and countless creatures. Even mountains are affected by outside forces and change over time. People like nature are made up of and changed by all that surrounds them. Unlike mountains, we can choose most of the influences in our life and what kind of influence we will have on others. Daily we need to focus heavenward and make good, positive choices. Small changes can have a big impact over time on mountains and people.

No matter where we travel, as time wears on, we feel a growing longing to go home. Like a pleasant vacation, we should enjoy and make good use of our time here on earth. But as temporary travelers, we need to be ready when it’s time to leave. We are not home yet.

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