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Royal Mothering
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I was up—in the middle of the night—again. But this time it wasn’t because one or the other of my three preschoolers needed something. I’d actually set an alarm, for 2 a.m. on Friday morning, April 29th, to get up with my baby girl to watch the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate in far off London.

It was fun to watch. To make fun of the hats. To marvel at the colors and the textures and the trees INSIDE! To smile as they said their vows. To wonder if they were nervous. To wish them well. 

But there was an unexpected moment for me. It was just after the family came out onto the balcony. An hour or so after the “I do’s” when Prince William and Princess Kate came out to be admired by the crowds.  I glanced over at Princess Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton. She was looking at her daughter and she smiled and I thought, “Oh My...”

She’s the mother of the future Queen of England. The QUEEN OF ENGLAND!

The Queen of England gave her heartburn and caused her morning sickness. She diapered the Queen of England. She fed and cleaned peas from the chin of the Queen of England. She disciplined the Queen of England for talking back and for pulling her sister’s hair. She taught the future Queen of England how to make her bed and set the table. To say thank you and please. To love and care for people less fortunate than herself. 

Raised the Future Queen

She raised the future Queen of England.

And until a few years ago, she had no idea. She was just like any other mother. Just like me (with a tad bit more money). Just a woman trying to raise her children to be good adults. And then her daughter met a prince. The Prince. And the rest is history.

I looked at my daughter and thought, in this international world, it’s not impossible that my daughter could grow up to marry the prince of some country. And it’s my responsibility to raise her to be that kind of a woman. The kind of woman who could draw the eyes of the whole world to herself and do so with poise and strength of character and sincerity of heart.

Of course, the chances are very slim that any one of us is parenting the future king or queen of anything. But I guess there are moments along this very, very messy path of parenting that we are each reminded of the awesome and unparalleled job title we hold.

Thankfully, we are not alone. We are surrounded by a great chorus of encouragement, by friends who pray for us and are there when we can’t figure out how to get gum out of their hair. And we have the ultimate support of our Father in heaven and the reminder that we can do this thing. Because we are daughters of The King.

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