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Minute to Win It
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The TV show, Minute to Win It, is a worldwide phenomenon. In the show, contestants attempt silly tasks that they have one minute to complete. If they are successful doing the one minute of work, they can win more and more money.

In real life, it usually takes a lot more than a minute to win much of anything.

Have any of you ever become involved with a home-based sales business? One where you were told you’d make a lot of easy money? We are told how simple it will be to be successful and how in no time we’ll be driving the pink Cadillac...

Have you ever seen a weight loss program commercial that says, “If you start our diet, it will take you several long years to loose your excess weight??” No. They all brag about loosing 372 pounds in 17 seconds. And does it work?  Sometimes. But more often than not in the get-skinny-quick world, weight quickly lost is eventually regained.

There are not many ways in this life where you can get rich quick or skinny quick. You also can’t get an education quickly. You can’t build a marriage quickly. You also can’t make or break a habit or addiction quickly. And we generally can’t become the people the Lord has set out for us to become, quickly.


God did not intend that the transformation of our hearts and minds would be instantaneous. That we would become carbon copies of Him overnight. Theologians use the term “sanctification” to talk about this process of becoming like Jesus.

Sanctification looks different for each of us. 

Some of us have issues of selfishness, others of control. You might struggle with feelings of poor self-esteem or unworthiness. It might be hard for you to accept that God has a plan for you. Or accept that he is truly good all the time. Or have difficulty wrapping your head around the necessity for forgiveness. There are as many struggles in the Christian life as there are people following Jesus.

Winning the battle against any of these issues is a journey longer than 60 seconds.

But when we do come to God and bring our hearts to Him, guess how long it takes for him to respond? Well, this is where it gets good. This is where it finally becomes true that it only takes a minute to win it.

Whether you have just strayed from the path of being the person God wants you to, whether you have taken a huge leap off the side of the mountain down into the canyons and are wallowing in the mud at the bottom, or whether you don’t even know where the path is anymore...  it just takes a minute.  A moment where we say, “I am weak and you are strong. Please rescue me again.” And it’s done. And you win because He already won it all.

"But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, 'Lord, save me!'" (Matthew 14:30).

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