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Crib of Hope
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I am blessed to have a reason to write this article. I wrote an article a few years ago about several miscarriages I had. At the same time as one of my miscarriages, I had won a nursery sweepstakes. It seemed so unfair and depressing at the time due to the circumstances. Little did I know that God was already scheming a plan.

We could choose between boy bedding and girl bedding for the nursery we had won. How was I to choose something like this when I did not know what I would have, and was no longer pregnant? I chose girl bedding. We already had a little boy and saved his bedding so I chose the other in hopes of having a little girl someday.

So here I was. Sitting in a room full of baby girl nursery accessories and furniture. But no baby. And certainly, no baby girl.

My question...why God? It almost felt like a jab in my face, taunting me. A harsh reminder that I had everything. Everything but the thing I wanted the most. My baby! But I learned to look at the experience as a promise from God, that someday and in some way, we would have a baby to place in this nursery.

A year later, we found out we were pregnant again. Only to find out a few weeks later that once again, this dream had been shattered, Another miscarriage.

A few months later, I jumped for joy as I discovered I was pregnant yet again. I had mixed emotions of fear and excitement. I was stressed when at seven weeks pregnant, I lost all of my pregnancy symptoms and was sure this pregnancy too, would end in a miscarriage. My husband and I had already decided this was the last time we would try for another baby. When we had an ultrasound, to our surprise, the baby was doing great. Who knows why my symptoms disappeared.


Each week that passed was a milestone. We only shared our news with a select few, being cautious because of our past experience.

They say that mothers sometimes have an intuition as to what the sex of their baby is. I thought it might be a girl, but wasn’t sure why I felt that way. My husband comes from a family with five siblings...all boys, and a long line of boys in his extended family. We thought that having a girl was to accomplish the impossible.

When we went to our ultrasound to find out what we were having, the tech told us it was a girl! We had to ask him to confirm this several times! We were thrilled, and would have been thrilled if we were told it was a boy, but now I had the baby to go with my already furnished girl nursery! Usually most expectant parents wait until they know what they are having to select their nursery items. That was not the case for us.

The day my daughter was born, I felt complete.

Now as I sit in my girly nursery rocking my very girly little three-month-old miracle, I am able to see that God had a plan. It was worth the wait and yes, even worth the disappointments. I can’t imagine life without my sweet girl. I finally got to fill the crib that was full of faith, hopes and dreams, with my baby!

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see" (Hebrews 11:1).

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