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Permanent Marker
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I thought permanent markers were supposed to be permanent. But then the signatures of the members of my favorite band began to fade from the back of my iPod. The names that were once so sharp and clear were now faded, unreadable, soon to completely disappear.

I meant to protect it, I really did. Before getting it signed, I considered cleaning the surface, but never got around to it. When the signatures were still fresh and new, I solemnly swore I would take care of the iPod…and then I dropped it. I mindlessly scratched it against my desk while trying to pick it up. Then I dropped it again. Clearly, I needed to be more careful.

Just like my complaining about permanent markers not being permanent, I had a complaint with God. A few years ago I said,  “I thought God was supposed to be permanent.” I had bought into the idea that all I needed to have a relationship with God was His one-time signature on my heart. Dip me in the water and I’m good to go. But I was wrong.

See, permanent markers are permanent, on the right surface. And God is always permanent. The Bible says, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever" (Hebrews 13:8). It was my heart that wasn't.

Renewed Every Day

After a very disappointing letdown, I learned that it takes more than giving your heart to God once in order for it to stick. We are, unfortunately, fickle humans that get dropped and scratched constantly. We aren’t capable of holding anything permanently. That is why God’s signature on our hearts needs to be renewed every single day.

And yes, we do need to be wary of drops and scratches. But do not fret if you fall, get scratches or if the signature begins to fade. God will be more than happy to sign His Name again. He wants you to ask Him for His autograph, but that’s not all He wants to give. He wants you to invite Him into your heart so He can redecorate the whole place.

God wants to get to know you, really know you, and He can’t do that with a one-time signature. It just won’t stick, not with the downs and scratchy surfaces of this world. Every morning, afternoon or night—whatever your style of worship is—don’t forget to ask God if He can sign your heart. 

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