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Baby's Brainpower
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Last semester I took a college class in Developmental Psychology. We studied human development including physical, social, cognitive, and spiritual. Our professor had a true passion for this class and a story for every question asked. My knowledge about myself, and about those around me increased dramatically. Thorough study of the stages of human growth from birth through death gave me a deeper look into what makes us who we are.

Some of the requirements for this class included reading articles our professor provided us and writing about our reaction to them. The first article talked about ways to enhance a baby’s brainpower. From the time a baby is conceived, there are many things, big and small, that a parent can do to promote strong brain development.

There were several ways mentioned, and I will mention a few here:

Tips to Promote Brainpower

1. Maintain a healthy body and mind while pregnant. If you take the optimum care of yourself, then you are doing a favor not only to yourself but also for your baby and your baby’s future.

2. Create a passion for books early on. Reading books can enhance imagination, creativity, and key points in a baby’s brain that are important for their future. Including picture books, adventures, or educational stories, help build bridges that will be used later on.

3. Massage your baby’s body. Babies who are lovingly touched and cuddled grow up to become compassionate and affectionate people. Touching their tummy stroking their hair, playing with their fingers and toes; all these things give your baby the sense that they are beautiful and loved. Giving daily massages to your baby, having your arms around them, holding them to your chest, all these things help build bridges in their brain that can have a positive affect on them later in life.

These are just three ways to boost your baby’s brainpower and give them a head start in learning and understanding as they near the age to start school. Implementing these things into your baby’s life is easy, simple, and can be life changing.

If you’d like to learn more on how to enhance your baby’s brainpower go to: http://www.scholastic.com/resourcesarticle/20-ways-to-boost-your-babys-brain-power.

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