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When Life Hurts
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Heart trouble doesn’t always come in the form of a physical malady. Sometimes heart trouble is emotional pain. Usually, the angst results from some great disappointment or rejection. Physicians find this ailment harder to treat because it is so personal. Often the patient won’t talk about it or even admit they are facing heartache because they hold feelings of shame or failure.

Unfortunately, avoidance of one’s hurt may lead to severe depression, even death because broken hearts are as real as broken bones.

Retreating from life due to a hurting life is the worst choice one can make. Staying involved makes all the difference in the world. I recall many, many years ago when I experienced heartache. I retreated to my home for two weeks, not answering the telephone. I shut the blinds, I chose not look out into the world. Yet I continued studying my Bible—and while doing so I realized I was depressed. I called a friend, “I need to talk,” I implored.. She came immediately. As we talked and prayed together, I felt so grateful for God’s word and my God-given friend. She listened to me but I also listened to her wise words. I healed from my wound, as a result.

Conversation with God

Several years later, a similar experience occurred—and I felt like the world was crumbling around me. That event, though quite short-lived flashed through my mind just today when a friend e-mailed me that life can be confusing. Indeed it can be. Yet sometimes the simplest solution is just having a conversation with God. As with any meaningful conversation, you must listen as well as speak. Amazing it is, the resolve we can grasp onto by listening during the attitude of prayer.

You’ve probably heard the story of the old man who kept chair by his bed for Jesus to sit on, as they prayed together (it’s made the Internet circuit for years). That chair served as an affirmation that he trusted God to sit and listen to him, just as he trusted Jesus to provide him an answer to his prayers. The thought of inviting Jesus to sit by us in a chair we sit out for him makes sense. It’s a trust thing.

We’re always learning, as we traverse through life’s hurts. They don’t stop. Recently, a different kind of hurt entered my life. Not a heartache hurt, but a stressful pinch in finances. I’d prayed for God to allow me a way to fix it. That didn’t happen. God surprised me by fixing it in a way I never imagined. So much better than any fixing I might ever do. Yes, I’d asked Him to allow me to fix it, I wasn’t trying to do it without His guidance but the difference is this: if He’d shown me a way to do the fixing, I might say “Thanks, God” and go on my merry way. However, His surprise fixing turned into a beautiful witness of God’s love to many people.

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