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Prayer for Couples
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My husband and I recently started praying together. No, we aren’t new Christians, and no, we aren’t newlyweds. We just finally got around to the blessing of approaching God as a couple.

We’ve been married for nearly 15 years—and quite happily, I might add—yet it was not until recent months that we began sharing this new level of intimacy. It has been transformational. I wouldn’t have guessed that our relationship could be much improved upon, but this shared prayer time has in fact added a whole new dimension to our marriage. We communicate even more about both common and spiritual things. Truthfully, I believe that we enjoy each other’s company to an even greater degree now than we did before.

Believe me, our prayer time is neither fancy nor formal. It is merely a few minutes shared with God at the end of the day. Every night we retire a little early (if possible). We spend time talking about the day’s events and the items we plan to pray for. These items are written in our prayer book, and thought is given to the way in which we should approach each one. After all, the way we might initially wish a prayer to be answered might not be according to God’s will, so we try to give consideration to that. We also review the answered prayers from previous days and relish the realization that God is actively working in our lives.

Our Own "Two Cents"

We then begin our meeting with God, using the relaxed, back-and-forth style of conversational prayer. This allows both of us to add our own “two cents” to each item lifted up in prayer.

Our conversation always begins with praises—remembering to thank God for the blessings of the day and for the answered prayers. A grateful heart does much to change our perspective as we realize that the good in our lives truly does outweigh the bad. If a confession is needed we now take time to ask forgiveness of God (and of each other if need be). We then launch into our petitions, asking the Holy Spirit to guide our hearts and minds so that the prayers we pray are the prayers the God desires to answer. Finally, we consecrate ourselves to God and thus close our conversation with Him.

I know that studies have been done positively relating marital happiness to joint prayer. While I don’t have these statistics in front of me or even a source to quote, I can testify with all certainty that the time my husband and I spend in prayer is an investment in eternity that is already paying dividends here on earth.

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