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God's Property
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Too often we consume things on this earth without realizing the consequences of our actions. I recently read an article about a minister from Nevada who was being interviewed about his faith and beliefs. He was asked about what he thought of the depletion of earths precious minerals and plants and his answer shocked me. He said, “The Lord has given us these materials as a gift to use as we see fit for our needs, when He returns in the clouds to take us away He will renew the earth and replenish her”.

Well, I have no doubt that the world will be replenished, but where I take issue is with the mentality that the earth is something that God gave us to use as we see fit. God provides us with food, shelter, water, companionship, love and so on, but nowhere do I get the idea that we are to use those things to our advantage. Enjoy them yes! Live with them in harmony, yes! The word “use” is what bothers me.


God wouldn't want us to “use” other people to our advantage and in that same way, I believe that He wouldn't want us to “use” the earth. God gave Adam and Eve full charge of the earth and it's habitat and animals. They named animals and enjoyed earth’s fruits and sustenance, but never at the cost of squandering earth’s resources.

God has placed us here to be good stewards to one another, as well as good stewards to the land, sea, mountains and air. The next time you're out taking a walk, bring a small bag along and when you see cans, plastic bottles, or trash, pick them up and place them in the trash can or recycle bin. This is one small step to being good steward of the beautiful earth that God rented out to us so graciously. Let's try to return the key, knowing that we took great care of God's property. "The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it" (Psalm 24:1).

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