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Home schooling is educational for both the child and parent. Currently my son and I are studying the laws of motion in science. Mass is a measure of the inertia of an object. Weight is a measure of the force of gravity acting on an object. Newton’s law states that weight is equal to mass times acceleration due to gravity. 

I think life is a bit like skydiving and all these forces apply to and act on us. We are born with a physical mass and the gravity of sin pulls us down, increasing our rate of descent. We are on a collision course. We need something to help create a drag and slow down our fall, so we can land safely at the end of our travels. 

We can partially control the drag force and slow our speed by expanding ourselves and by joining hands with friends. But opening our heart and life to Jesus is like opening a parachute and causes the most dramatic change in speed. Sin loses power in Jesus’ presence and our free fall slows to a speed that is suitable for landing. This gives us peace and reassurance during our journey.

Lift Us Higher

We say we believe that Jesus holds the whole world in His hands. Shouldn’t we trust that He can handle holding our lives and our problems? It would take a lot of weight off of us if we would let go of them. It is a wonder and a thrill when we do let go of worries and become linked with Jesus and let Him lift us higher. 

Best of all, when Jesus comes back our days of fear and falling will be over. We will have wings and no longer feel the weight of what has been. We just need to stay securely connected to Jesus while we are waiting for our wings. 

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