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More Like a Daffodil
Photo: Dreamstime
As I walked along the edge of the woods among the sparse, spring flowers, I wondered what it would be like to be a daffodil. I thought about how the daffodil bulbs wait while the ground is hard and cold, then they readily respond at the earliest sign to begin their push. After months of emptiness and gray, the daffodils emerge as one of the first flowers to brighten the landscape with the colors of the sun. They are a promise that winter is nearly done and more loveliness is to come. 

I looked over the shoulder of a daffodil to see the world from its perspective. Hints of green had begun, but for the most part the landscape was barren and brown. Dead leaves still cluttered the forest floor while chattering about what has been. Regardless of its surroundings, the daffodil blooms where it is planted and is content to add beauty.
March nights often turn suddenly cold laying the daffodils low. Winds tear at them and rainstorms pelt on their delicate petals. Still, each year daffodils return to share their message of hope. They have felt the warmth of the sun and no matter what comes, they’re radiant with the promising news of spring and better days. 

Keep Reaching

This made me think I should be more like a daffodil. No matter my surroundings or what unexpected things may come my way, I can spread some joy and hope for a season. I have felt the warmth of love from God and from others. That is a sign for me to push, keep reaching, and bloom. My life can share the good news that this world’s winter season will not last. An eternal spring is coming. God will make all things new. 

Like the daffodil, I want my life to be used to tell others that better days are coming. How about you?

"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning" (Psalm 30:5).

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