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Reader's Comments (2010)
Comments for article: Dog Heaven
Alexander, Dec 27, 2010.
With my eyes filled with tears I have been reading all the comments about "Dog Heaven". I too experienced having two Golden Retrievers and a couple of beautiful little cats, die, and I know how heartbreaking it is. I too believe they will be in heaven because God did create them - why not???? I am also grieving the loss of my only brother (in June) and my oldest sister (in Oct). This has been extremely hard on me. Please pray for me. Thank you.

Comments for article: Imitators of God
Dorothy Spridgeon, Dec 26, 2010.
Here is what a Seventh-day Adventist is: "A person who has a daily personal relationship with Jesus Christ."

Comments for article: Third-Hand Smoke
RPD, Dec 25, 2010.
What about the E-cigarette? They claim that none of the harmful toxins exist, yet it gives the smoker the nicotine they are addicted to. Granted the nicotine is not good for the smoker but is there the danger of 2nd and 3rd hand smoke to others with the E-cig? Quitting is the most healthy for all -- how do you get the smoker help to get past the addiction? Can they squeeze down the amont of nicotine in the E cig gradually to where it is easier to quit?

Comments for article: Babylon Today
Juni, Dec 22, 2010.
I like to know about babylon today.

Comments for article: Break the Black Horse
Judy Bingham, Dec 21, 2010.
Thank you so much for the Break the Black Horse story. My life is horrible right now although I've given it to God and Jesus is my Saviour, I'd hoped life would be easier sometime during my years on earth but maybe I need to get back on the black horse and yell out, "Giddy-up". CA

Comments for article: Glaring Notices
Rizalino Erilla, Dec 17, 2010.
A big Amen, Jesus is coming soon. Prepared to meet the Lord.

Comments for article: Dad Won't Let Me Date
Gary Wagner, DMin, Dec 15, 2010.
The first question that should be asked is, "What does God think about dating?" To move to finding a way to get Dad to allow it without even knowing what God thinks about it is misdirected. There is no scriptural mandate that allows for dating. Ellen White tells young people that their school days should be spent learning how to serve God, and not being concerned with dating.

Comments for article: Dog Heaven
Jody, Dec 11, 2010.
My husband and I recently rescued two Boxers that would have been put down had we not taken them. One was left alone and nearly starved to death while her previous owner was jailed for drug addiction. The other was kept in a small cage for nearly six years in a basement and used as a stud for puppy mills. Both have been found to have the sweetest temperments despite the abuse. My husband and I believe that God created these wonderful friends so that when they must be layed to rest after such short lives, we will be left with an even greater longing to be with the One who gave us such unconditional love through these creatures, giving us just another glimpse of what He is like. I assure you that God knows how to whistle...and when we see who comes running at His whistle, there will be tears of pure joy. Don't miss the look on His face as He watches your surprise. It is one of the moments God can hardly wait for.....

Comments for article: How Will Jesus Return?
Anita Morrison, Dec 11, 2010.
For those of us who have lost a child it is a comfort to us to know that our beautiful child (ren) will be with Jesus on that beautiful day he comes. They will have a great room in heaven, and seeing the the Lord who will love them - it so wonderful to know this. To all the parents who have lost their child please read this part of the Bible and come to the Lord so you can be with them again. Do not be the parent standing there watching your child arise and join Jesus in the clouds. God Bless all the parents that have lost a child, see you in heaven.

Comments for article: Dancing Trees
Jodyne, Dec 10, 2010.
Doesn't the Bible have a verse that says we need to become like little children to enter the kingdom? To see and appreciate His creation. The people of Turtle Island (the American Indians before Christopher Columbus) said that everything is alive. Which makes sense from a Biblical point of view because once Jesus said that even the stones would cry out if the children in the streets were not allowed to shut and hollar their praises about Him. There is great wonder if we see and ponder His creation, and appreciate it, respect it. The people [of] today have lost their love, as the Bible predicted from the New Testiment. The last days of earth, characterizing the end of the sinful state and human existence on earth; since Jesus will come and re-create Earth will be characterized by a lack of love and respect of family members. But those who see and appreciate and participate, living as He intended (with respect and love toward all) will be rewarded with this New Earth. I am afraid this web page will time out before I can add the Bible texts I refer to, so will post it now anyway. I want to meet you, and enjoy that wonderful place with you someday. Jodyne

Comments for article: Dancing Trees
clarion, Dec 8, 2010.
excellent..thanks........simple and true..''from the mouth of babes.''

Comments for article: Dog Heaven
Cindy, Dec 4, 2010.
Missy my little Wild-hair Terrier was 4 months old when I adopted her. Her Birthday was in February of 1990. She was my shadow and I never really had to put her on a lease. She was my baby and was spoiled by my children. She would go everywhere with me. All I had to do was pick up my keys and she would hear them jingle. She was so cute rushing to the door trying her best to reach the knob. We both knew she couldn't. She barely reached halfway while she hopped around excitedly up and down the door.

When she was about 14 years old her hearing was going and she started going blind. She was completely blind and deaf by the time she was 15 and about that time she would fall on her side with a curdling squeal and stiffen her legs. It was the most horrible noise I had ever heard. I had a feeling what it was but I was hoping it was something her vet could fix. He said that her little heart was enlarged and he said it was very possible that she was having little heart attacks but she was too old to do anything about it. So we did what we could to make her comfortable.

March of 2006, a month after her 16th birthday, she wouldn't eat and slept a lot. The vet told me that she wasn't going to get any better and suggested that he could put her to sleep, but if I wanted to wait that I could spoon feed her. That helped for a couple of weeks and then one day she wouldn't swallow. Almost as if she didn't know how to. I would hold her and tried to push a little food down her somehow.

She got very weak and I would hold her crying for God to take her until one morning a couple of days later when she woke up she tried to walk and her little legs wouldn't hold her up. I picked her up and cried out loud for God to please take her. He said it's time now and that it was OK to take her to the vet to put her little body to rest. Sometimes we don't understand why God doesn't make things easier for us but His ways are not ours.

I prepared a little box with her blanket to lay her in it. My oldest daughter, who was 22, went with me and held her in her arms as I drove. I held my little Missy when the Vet gave her the injection. I felt her little body go limp in my arms as she drew her last breathe. I believe at that point in my life that was the hardest thing I ever had to do. She was my baby, my little girl and I felt like I was putting one of my children to sleep.

I laid her in her little box, covered her up as if she was sleeping for the night and laid some little flowers in the box next to her. She looked so precious and I knew what i had to do. We went to a forest where i knew she would be safe from someone digging her up. My oldest daughter did the digging for me and with tears I gave her a kiss, put the lid on it and laid her in the ground. We covered her little box with dirt and put twigs and straw to where it look natural. I don't know if I will ever see her again or not. But I do know that she was a precious gift from God much like my children are.

This past June 5, 2010, I had to lay my youngest daughter 23 years of age to rest. She was just three years younger than her sister, my oldest daughter, who helped me bury Missy. She drowned in a canal trying to save her dog. Her dog got out but she didn't.

I am not sure if I am going to see my little Missy, but I do know that I will see my daughter. I just need to keep my faith and to stay close to God or my heart will be hardened; I am God's not Satan's. ~ John 10:29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand. Praise the Lord and Amen !

Comments for article: Dog Heaven
Brian Anderson, Dec 1, 2010.
Folk, He returns on a Horse. The Lion will lay with the Lamb. You can not have sheep with out sheep dogs. So there will be dogs in heaven. Why would He have other animals and not our beloved DOGS. Watch "GoD and DoG" Video on You Tube

Comments for article: Dog Heaven
Scott Alvord, Dec 1, 2010.
The Bible says that the world's Creator, OUR Creator, is going to prepare a place for each of us in heaven. Our home in heaven will be designed perfectly for each of us. Since our Creator is pure LOVE, I cannot imagine that when he re-creates me from his original blueprint that has NONE of my flaws, I believe He will create my favorite and closest pets from their original blueprints to live with me.

Comments for article: Dog Heaven
Steve, Dec 1, 2010.
Our fur babies are truly a precious gift from God. After I graduated college, I found mine in a animal shelter. Tyson was a 1-1/2 year lab/rotty mix full of energy. He was a gentle giant that taught me material possessions mean nothing (as he proceeded to destroy an assortment of my clothes, books and trinkets of every shape and size). He greeted me every day with a woof and lick. His loyalty was humbling. He was my companion as I grew from a college graduate to an adult with a loving family. Last summer, Tyson got sick and I had to say goodbye to him in August. In the time since his passing, I have reflected on our time together and feel blessed for having him in my life. I asked myself the same question: will I see Tyson again in heaven? I honestly don’t know that answer, instead I find comfort in knowing that even though Tyson is gone, the companionship we shared and lessons learned will be with me always. I sincerely believe that dogs like Nala and Tyson come into our lives to help us grow much as we let the Lord into our lives. May your faith help you find the peace you need for Nala and yourself, I know mine did with Tyson.

Comments for article: Dog Heaven
Debra Jones, Nov 29, 2010.
I feel that our God has a place for every creature on this earth. I am sure that Christ has already seen to that.

Comments for article: How Will Jesus Return?
Reagan, Nov 26, 2010.
It's a precise summary of a difficult issue to understand. Rapture and the coming of Jesus. I have liked this summary. God bless you people.

Comments for article: Deliverance From Evil
phoebe , Nov 26, 2010.
That was one amazing article. Indeed, God is the only One who can give us comfort. Praise God for this article.

Comments for article: Grey Wolf
Mogaka Japheth Angwenyi, Nov 24, 2010.
This is great!! I love it. I have a group called "FRIENDS BOUND BY PRAYER" on Facebook. You can all join with me as we pray to God together.

Comments for article: Deliverance From Evil
fj dancs, Nov 21, 2010.
What a wonderful, wonderful, loving God we serve!

Comments for article: Deliverance From Evil
johanne, Nov 20, 2010.
To Stephanie - Keep praying Stephanie...keep on keeping on..that is the real answer..deliverance wiil come.

Comments for article: Thirsty!
Jenny, Nov 15, 2010.
Just the right message for me, because it is exactly what I am going through at the moment too! Thank you Jesus.

Comments for article: Deliverance From Evil
Stephanie, Nov 11, 2010.
Hmmm...funny. I've prayed and gotten nothing. My family and church family have walked away as well. I suppose this won't even get posted...another door slammed in my face.

Comments for article: Who Does What?
Godwin Kaluwe, Nov 11, 2010.
This is a good reading.

Comments for article: Deliverance From Evil
Martine Savannah, Nov 11, 2010.
I would like to have this testimony like that send to my email please because I work with a lot of depressed poeple to encourage them to pray and to help them to believe that we can be free - faith is powerful. I praise God for my sister experience what a blessing she can be to others now. Many thanks and God's blessing. People need to know that the battle between good and evil is REAL.Maranatha!!

Comments for article: Deliverance From Evil
joanne marsan, Nov 8, 2010.
This is a great testomony!! God is able. devil is accursed. The victory is in our hand, in the name of Jesus.

Comments for article: Building Character
terri, Nov 6, 2010.
Thank you so much, these are some very encouraging words for me at this very moment.

Comments for article: Mystery of Salvation
george mccullough, Nov 2, 2010.
This realy hit home I am going through this in my life right now. My wife hates that I read the Bible or anything to do with God. She is threatning to leave me because of my faith all I can do is pray and let God do his work. Thank you

Comments for article: Mystery of Salvation
Calvin, Nov 1, 2010.
Thank you for these beautiful words. I'm one of those who couldn't understand why people rejected Jesus. This helped me and I won't pressure or get angry at people who don't accept Him. Again Thank you.

Comments for article: Mystery of Salvation
Pam Nieuwenhuizen, Nov 1, 2010.
Thank you for this article. It has given me rest and hope. My husband passed away recently and my son is not interested in God. He turned 21 a few weeks ago - believes life is for the living and he does not have time to spend on church. His girlfriend comes from a broken family and believes she has only this life to live and then nothing. Before my son was born I believe God promised me a son and I should call him John because he was going to use him. John had a gift for the guitar and played in our church. He is very talented. I always pictured him serving God with his guitar. Since his dad died he has sold all of his guitars and amplifiers because he needed money. To me and his sisters this was totally shocking and heartbreaking because we always thought he was going to play and minister. Whenever I see someone using their talent for God it reminds me of God's promise to use him. I do believe that he will one day come to know God and be willing to serve him. I pray constantly for him and Sam his girlfriend. Yet still I cannot bear the fact that he is resisting God and rejecting him. It is always as if I can feel God's pain. My prayer is that he comes to know Jesus and not go though life without the knowledge of Him, his peace, joy and love and enjoy the promises that God gives. Will you please remember him in your prayers. I do not know why I am replying o the article I never do. I felt compelled to share my story. Warm Regards

Comments for article: Scars or Stars?
Henricka, Oct 29, 2010.
This is incredible. My family is going through a terrible disappointment right now and it makes us sorrowful. Just a few moments ago I was feeling extremely sad and distraught thinking of what could have happened to our family because of this unfortunate situation. I just finished reading Psalm 46 and then I found this article which gives me added encouragement. Thank God for being merciful to us sinners.

Comments for article: A Merry Heart
Pastor Van L. Sailo, Oct 26, 2010.
Excellent reminder

Comments for article: Sabbath Rest
April, Oct 23, 2010.
I agree that people should follow God example of Sabbath rest. It truly makes a difference when you set that day aside. I look forward to Sabbath every week.

Comments for article: In Over My Head
Adrianne Wright-Carter, Oct 18, 2010.
I really needed to hear this. I am stuck inbetween a rock and a hard place right now on the financial side of things. I'm about to loose my home, I pray that God will help me and I ask your prayers also. I may loose my home if I don't have money by 5 p.m. today. Please pray a miracle for me. I didn't mention I was a member of Mizpah as a teen growing up.

Comments for article: The Hope of Heaven
Sarah, Oct 9, 2010.
Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing this story -- it has extra meaning to me. My dad died 2 years ago. He was diagnosed with MS shortly after I was born. We were blessed that his progression was slow enough that he didn't end up in a home until he was 50, but it was hard for the whole family regardless. I don't really remember my dad walking without a cane, and barely even remember that -- it's mostly him in a wheelchair that I remember. He passed away when he was only 52 (when I was 19), due to some doctor errors mixed with his worsening condition. All of what you said here matches the symptoms I am ever so familiar with. Life is so fragile and we take it for granted too often. My mom and I are pretty much all that's left after 10 years of friends and family in the past couple years, and now her health is failing after she was hit by a car last year. Thank GOD that there is hope for a life beyond this one, without pain and suffering!

Comments for article: Transforming Love
Elizabeth Lara, Sep 29, 2010.
Beautiful, informative and inspiring. Taught me more about unconditional love. Children reveal this love fully.

Comments for article: Love Life
Kelesego Lethopa, Sep 29, 2010.
Is true - God should always be the center of our decisions.

Comments for article: Bless That Stranger
Julie Rigby, Sep 25, 2010.
Nice article. My father was a speaker for many years. I have learned from his way how to present information to potential friends, or turn enemies to friends, through his methods. Thank you for linking the experience to a biblical refrence I look for when needing to know what is going on in my life. I like it when I can link real experience to Scripture.

Comments for article: When Life is a Mess
Knowles Richards, Sep 25, 2010.
The Lord Jesus gave his life for you and I for our sins.

Comments for article: Animal Instinct?
Joie, Sep 24, 2010.
Nature reveals His great love for us. What a great reminder..

Comments for article: Normal?
Abraham Akuamah, Sep 20, 2010.
Thanks for this thought provoking article.I do agree with the writer but God's way is the only true yardstick for normality. Akuamah-Ghana

Comments for article: The Dental Cripple
R.L Valentine, Sep 18, 2010.
I have read your testimony on the computor. It moved me greatly, I am an elementry school teacher who once warmed the hearts of my students in a private school. After an accident I had to stopp teaching. I have had many surgeries and some work on my teeth. Presently I teach only part time. I am ashamed of the dental loss of my smile, however I thank the Lord for my life. However I'd like to smile again and work with our young people. I believe one day God will heal me and I will again . Thank you! for your hope. Right now I am looking for a church home I have not lived here in the south that long. Pray for me and I will pray for you.

Comments for article: The Waiting Room
Carolyne Kwamboka, Sep 17, 2010.
This story is so encouraging to me. My case is so sad that every time I remember my past, tears roll down my cheecks. Its a very sad memory .I underwent a very painful experience but thank God for being there for me. He was the only person I had. I was fully rejected by my people, my friends and relatives. I thought of committing suicide, but this God was there for me, watching from a distance and listening to my prayers. I had completly given up on God and mankind because I felt low and an outcast but God is still God. He keeps His promise. Allow me to stop there for now, because my eyes are full of tears.

Comments for article: Drain and Fill
liz, Sep 16, 2010.
This article is such a wonderful analogy?. As with the father in the illustration, GOD must at times get frustrated for us that we will simply assume that what we are doing is right without really being humbly led by the Spirit's power instead. The whole truth is really the only thing that will set us free and those around us (neighbors, Christian or non Christian). Lord in heaven, help me be gently moved by your Spirit to be set free in your will so others may come to know you as well. Open my eyes and heart to those who are hungering for your Word. In Jesus Name.

Comments for article: Drain and Fill
Linda Brawner, Sep 13, 2010.
I'm so glad that you were able to see that your father was still growing up when he owned the gas station.

Comments for article: Hothouse Parents
Tammie, Sep 13, 2010.
I agree that we need to focus more on character building rather than to make school all about competitiion. I also belive that children need to be able to see what they are capable of -- which is all things with the help of the heavenly Father. When we praise a child for work/deeds well done we are in turn thanking the Lord for helping them and for maturing their abilities.

Comments for article: Tithe - a Big Deal?
Esther Bagley, Sep 12, 2010.
The word tithe means giving one tenth of your income which belongs to the Lord (total income x .10= amount of tithes). Everything you own belongs to God. In psalm 50:12 he tells us that the world is His and all the fullness it contains. The tithing system was not generated from your church or the conference. It goes back to the Bible, God's word and His tithing plan and nowhere in the bible do we find that God's portion is less then ten percent of the money he has blessed us to earn. He only asks for one tenth of it back. He leaves it up to you to decide how much tithes you will give just as he has given us the right to choose between right and wrong. We can always give more if we want to or able but he has set one tenth as a tithe that belongs to him. It is not up to the pastor or the church to alter this amount. Give God his ten percent of your income first and you will be amazed as to what your ninety percent will cover.

Comments for article: Guarding the Temple
Yvonne Lewis, Sep 12, 2010.
McDonalds in the heart center is not the problem. In fact it may be a small blessing. Remember it is not the patient that eats there, it's the workers. If it was any other restraint I guarantee you the price of a meal would be much higher and the wait time longer. (Plus McDonalds gives jobs to our youth and also senior citizens) This at least gives the workers time to get a quick lunch and get back to the patients. Now God has told us what we can and can not eat and knowing the health message one can choose what is best from most menus. I carry my own lunch but when I don't McDonalds is the first restaurant I look for. I am not a vegetarian so when I order a sandwich (chicken or fish) I always ask for it to be served on a wheat bun instead of the usual white bread.(no extra cost is charged) I don't drink coke, and McDonalds offers sweetened and unsweetened tea, Sprite, bottled water and lemon drinks. I also order fries with no salt and a side salad. With the salad I ask for two packs of peanuts and croutons to go with the salad. These items do not normally come with the salad but is always given freely at no additional cost when I ask for them. That is a reasonable replacement for days I do not prepare a lunch and so I feel there is nothing wrong with McDonalds restaurant, it all comes down to what you order. I am not advertising for McDonald’s and don’t think it or any other restaurant is the healthiest way to eat but on occasions it is okay and the choices we make is what matters most.

Comments for article: Flashing Lights
Jeremy, Sep 10, 2010.

Comments for article: Criar a los Hijos
Daryk, Sep 9, 2010.
Hi congratulations that you think that way.

Comments for article: Guarding the Temple
Cathy Cooper, Sep 5, 2010.
We who work at McDonald,s don't force people to buy our food and then eat it. That is their choice. McDonald,s has tried to have some foods which are healthy - the parfaits with fruit and yogurt, and we serve apple slices which are good. Apple juice for kids. We also have bottled water. Please don't blame McDonald,s or any restaurant for the weight people put on. God has given us a list of foods that are good for us - hopefully more people will follow that. Thanks for letting me respond. May God bless.

Comments for article: Written in Our Hearts
Tamo Tara, Sep 5, 2010.
This piece really encourages me. Please, need more of it. Thank you Tamo.

Comments for article: Dating That Hurts
Akintobi Kayode, Aug 31, 2010.
I salute the writer's courage.This is one of the matters the Seventh-day Adventist leaders have been running away from and our youths have been learning from outsiders who have been taking advantage of them.

Comments for article: Compañerismo Matrimonial
loyda gonzales, Aug 23, 2010.
I got excellent Bible advice over marriage issues.

Comments for article: Organized Church
Bernette Callender, Aug 21, 2010.
The comments were true and timely because more and more you see members and leaders in the church acting worldly and sinful. I feel the time has come for the church leaders at every level should address such issues in sessions such as documentaries, workshops, surveys and other means to alert us all lest Christ comes and find the majority of the church in a state of decline morally and spiritually.

Comments for article: Modesty and the Bible
Curtis Williams, Aug 20, 2010.
What you said in this article is true and I hope you can meet a lot of lost young and old people out there to lead them in the right direction.

Comments for article: Closet Christian?
Rita R., Aug 14, 2010.
My 18-year-old son had a similar experience with trading his classic 68 VW Bus for a Honda Civic. The guy also said he was a Christian. I took the car for a spin to make sure it ran okay and it seemed okay (I am not a mechanic, just an experienced driver). My son said he had a mechanic look at it (which I later found out was a friend's father who only looked under the hood). After the deal was done. My son could not get the car smogged. After putting more than $1000 into it, he finally passed smog, just to be pulled over by our local police and sent to court for pollution (even though he had a very recent smog certificate). The judge socked it to him and he had to pay another $1000+ in fines. He meanwhile had tried to talk to the original owner who just brushed him off - meanwhile my son would see him driving his VW Bus around with no problem. That was a hard and expensive lesson for my son to learn. (Especially since he was unemployed and I am disabled and did not have that kind of money to waste.) I have usually found in my experience that if a person makes it a point to tell you they are a Christian right up front, they are probably trying to hide something and make you think they are on the up and up. So buyers beware. There are lions in sheep's clothing!

Comments for article:  Kenny's Story
Paulien,  Aug 6, 2010
Well, I read the story and I felt strange. You know, sometimes I feel the same as Kenny felt that time, although I haven´t lost my parents...but in life many things happen that make you feel that way and that is when Satan takes advantage...the truth is that the only one who can help in these times of need is Christ... so I urge every youth to trust God always. Although life is hard He is the one who can lead us to a better life which is Heaven. He has a time for everything, just trust Him, and everything will be right.

Comments for article: Worth the Pain
Darlene, Aug 1, 2010.
Beautiful. We as moms (and dads too - in a different way) get a small taste of that strong desire God has for us - stronger than any pain, any sacrifice.

Comments for article: What's the Rush?
Cristal, Jul 27, 2010.
I prove that to be so true. I know its the reason why I've never been able to gain weight.

Comments for article: Faith Like a Child
Lacie Pleasants, Jul 24, 2010.
That was great. May I have that faith in my Jesus.

Comments for article: Imitators of God
gry, Jul 23, 2010.
My little baby boy was just one years old when he started doing what his father did. His father would put away the groceries and he would also. When father would vacuum the floor he would. The way his father sat he would sit. We're so pleased to see that. I know God had something to do with that.

Comments for article: You Choose
tabitha, Jul 18, 2010.
This is what I needed to read now, thank God for the messege...most of the time I take for granted for all the blessings He has given and shown me. I'm blessed and before long I am busy asking for me even not appreciating all that the Almighty has done for me!!! Lord I am gratetful for the many blessings, many that I know of and many that I don't even know of!!!!

Comments for article: To Use, Not to Have
Godie, Jul 2, 2010.
What an inspiring article. From my childhood I learned a lot from my mother, she was very kind and always gave out something for the needs, even if what she had was small. What I realized was we never got hungry. And that reminds me of the story of a woman who had a cup of flour and a little oil which she gave to the prophet when he had nothing to eat. The woman wanted to make the last meal for the day for she and her son, but she preferred to share...God blessed them with plenty for their kindness. Blessed is the hand that giveth.

Comments for article: To Use, Not to Have
Linda Brawner, Jun 30, 2010.
I've lived that way for thirty years--freely sharing what I have. I have never gone without what I needed and He lavishes me with a good deal of my wants. The more I give, the more I have. You just have to remember that He gave it to you in the first place and use the word "mine" gently.

Comments for article: The Spice of Life
lori, Jun 26, 2010.
What a great article about Spice, we are so blessed each day we are able to see God's grace in our lives.We should extend his blessings with others.

Comments for article: Se Fue
Georgina, Jun 16, 2010
I liked what I read, but in moments of great despair, I feel my son has surrendered to alcohol, he has yet to hit bottom.

Comments for article: I See You!
Solomon, Jun 15, 2010.
Attention has indeed been shifted to God seeing us. I think you are right to redirect our focus to the most important of all doctrines, teachings and beliefs; seeing God. The Bible is filled with people who saw God and never remained the same. We will be changed when we see Him. It's rightly put in this favourite hymn "Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace."

Comments for article: Clogged Pipes
David Lekoba, Jun 4, 2010.
You have no idea how right you are. How we are often so big headed and think we know all. I think this simply shows us that God works in his own ways. Confiding in others is one of the ways we can use to hear God talk to us. When your life is CLOGGED, try talking to a friend...that is what true friendship is made of. That's the staff you will find at Tlokweng Seventh-day Adventist church...God loves you.

Comments for article:  The Perfect Storm
Solomon, Jun 2, 2010.
God richly bless you for the wonderful things you are doing for Him. Thank you.

Comments for article:  Love Life
jagana, Jun 1, 2010.
Hi. I liked your testimony. I want God to write my love story as well. Whatever you testified is really true. I, myself also tried to handle my love story and made a lot of mistakes which made me cry, weak, and so on. From now on I really want God to handle my life as well as my love life. Thank you for the testimony. I would love to read that book you have received on your bday.

Comments for article:  An Olympic Lesson
Rob Miller, Jun 1, 2010.
I liked your site.

Comments for article:  Celebrating Sabbath
Karen Johnson, May 30, 2010.
I am not a Seventh Day Adventist; still I totally believe that Saturday is the 7th day/Sabbath. The first time I heard this about 20+ years ago, I knew it made sense. The New testament doesn't change the Sabbath either. Even though the Roman Catholic church changed it to Sunday, I don't understand why other Christian churches see the Sabbath as changing to Sunday. The early followers of Jesus did eventually meet on Sunday, only to honor the resurrection, It was an extra meeting, they still kept the Sabbath on the 7th day. Why is it so obvious to me and not other Christians? I also eat Kosher, eat mostly vegetarian, except for fish, and milk products. I taught my children the Biblical Jewish holidays,and commandments. Jesus kept them, why shouldn't we? I have done all this just because it felt right. I studied Judaism, to understand the roots of Christianity, and it just made me wonder,"if we want to live like the Savior did, why don't we?" I mean animal sacrifice is the only thing that should be canceled, because of the Saviors atonement. Your church is the only one I know of that keeps the Sabbath on Saturday other than the Jews. You are also aware of how the Roman church altered so much. Why are most Christian denominations so clueless? I do have a question, Why do Seventh-day Adventists still have Christmas in December? Do you have Easter at Passover? I do, even though no one else I know does. Sorry for the long winded comment. Thank you for sharing your Sabbath with others. Respectfully, Karen

Comments for article:  Angels All Around
Steven C. Brown, May 23, 2010.
I have much to say about the direct involvement of angels in my life, and of the many times that I have been revived to grow to become a teacher of the Word of God. May God Bless you in all that He asks you to do.

Comments for article:  She's Gone
Emily, May 23, 2010.
Thanks for this article. I work in student affairs for a public university in the state of Georgia. We recently lost two students in a tragic, alcohol related auto accident. One died because they had been drinking and refused to wear a seat belt. The other incarcerated on a vehicular homicide, driving under the influence and other related charges. Two other passengers were treated for minor injuries. My prayer is that many will read your article and forward it to some young person who may be in the throes of a decision to abstain from alcohol and drug use.

Comments for article:  Midnight Visitor
Lester, May 23, 2010.
I think that it would have been nice to at least have given some Scripture reference as where to look up on this subject.

Comments for article:  Midnight Visitor
Nathaniel, May 23, 2010.
I think the article entitled Midnight Visitor was good, but it ended with a suggestion that didn't point to anything. People who are unfamiliar with the subject may not know where to look in the Bible to find out more on the subject, so including some more verses to study on their own would have been better than just telling them to go read the Bible and find out.

Comments for article:   Too Much
Daaiyah Islam, May 22, 2010.
That is simply beautiful! I feel the same way. I easily get bored, but I noticed I could be consumed in the Word for hours and want more. It's awesome that you have friends who share that same love of Jesus as you do! Keep it up!

Comments for article:  Surfing with God 24/7
CZA, May 22, 2010.
Thank you for this timely message! Yes, He will be everything for me.

Comments for article: White As Snow
Sony Roy, May 22, 2010.
I like your article full of candor and practical realities. I call this the ABC of salvation. Simple acceptance of our condition and confession of a humble heart. Keep up the good work, someone along the way is drifting and your message may be the last one they hear. Go for it.

Comments for article: Log in Your Eye
Shane, May 20, 2010.
Beautiful! Simply beautiful! How true it is that we know ourselves better than anyone else (other the God). We know our hidden skeletons intimately which then makes sense of the concept that we (ourselves) are the greatest sinner that we 'know'.

Comments for article:  Vapor Trails
chrystal, May 8, 2010.
All those trails in the pic wernt from the shuttle. They were chemtrails. The shuttle dosnt make patterns in the sky.  I was just checking your website. Looking for a Seventh-day Adventist church for my mom to attend.

Comments for article:  Vapor Trails
Ryan Williams, May 7, 2010.
this is very powerful

Comments for article: Lay Them Down
Vickie, May 4, 2010.
I have learned that I accomplish very little without God. As soon as I take my eyes off of him, try to take control, things fall apart. I realize I am not the person I want to be, I don't accomplish the things I want, meaning I don't have the right attitude or approach. I feel so much better when I turn things over to him, because it's his work, his accomplishments, his desires we perform each day all to his glory!

Comments for article: Tithe - a Big Deal?
Floys Edwards, May 1, 2010.
I believe tithing is important because it strengthens your trust in God.

Comments for article: Tithe - a Big Deal?
Kelesego Lethopa, Apr 30, 2010.
Thanks for this article because tithe is an act of faithfullness, it shows us that we acknowledge God as our master. What we have to do as youth is to pray for this faithfulness.

Comments for article: Aún no Llegamos al Hogar
Mirna Larenas, Apr 25, 2010.
Nice message, thanks for publishing it. It encourages our souls when we read. Thank God our Father. May God continue to bless you.

Comments for article: Frogs and Gifts!
Luke campbell, Apr 24, 2010.
I really think you're right - many people around the world would be inspired. You don't have to be many in numbers, it can even be only yourself! Just let God take control and he will make you an inspiring success! Just look at the Heritage Singers and where they are now. Do you think that they could have been where they are without God? No.

Comments for article: Step by Step
Eunice Kamia Nganda, Apr 22, 2010.
It's to have friends. Congrats for giving support to your friend. Do not give up. Keep on giving him advice which will make him change his habits and God will bless and give you wisdom to help him solve his problem. May God bless you for your concern to others.

Comments for article: Jesus Corner
Seth, Apr 20, 2010.
This morning I had a dream: I was running powerlessly with some competitors and hearing a song. And I remember part of it now. "...It's Jesus Corner (Jesus' Corner).." I thought maybe it exists somewhere and searched it in Google, then I found your note. It's good. :)

Comments for article: Step by Step
Karen Whitson, Apr 19, 2010.
Thanks for this reminder to walk in God's ways, not our ways. God's ways are always better.  Just need to remember this when I "feel like" eating junk food or skipping my walk/jog or bike ride for the day.

Comments for article:  Tithe - a Big Deal?
wilson, Apr 17, 2010. 
when you give your tithe give your heart to Jesus first and tithe won't be an issue

Comments for article: A Thousand Acts
Angir, Apr 17, 2010.
Thank you for your perspective, I enjoyed reading this positive outlook on ways to be a help.

Comments for article: To Change the World
Gylian, Apr 17, 2010.
This is the time. The time we have is the best time ever to work for the Lord. When we are healthy and young.

Comments for article: Hope Deferred
Czarina, Apr 6, 2010.
Thank you for this very inspiring article. God is speaking to me with this message. Very timely.

Comments for article: Loss of a Dream
Emily Graham, Mar 30, 2010.
Wow. Thanks for posting.

Comments for article: Keep On Keeping On
Dana, Mar 23, 2010.
This was really helpful today. Thanks for sharing.

Comments for article: Going to Jail
cherry, Mar 19, 2010
I loved the article I read recently about your churches prison ministry.  I am wonderring what types of supplies you can use? My parents have a lot of old Seventh-day Adventist books. I can collect Adventist magazines each week.

Comments for article: Bitterness Problem
carmen, Mar 19, 2010.
Nice to read that ; gives you a different insight.  If you want it take it;  if not then leave what you do not need, because that is how we grow as a person.

Comments for article: Keep On Keeping On
Ardis, Mar 19, 2010.
I really believe this. And I know Christ has been very patient with me.

Comments for article: Life Is Too Short
Alison, Mar 17, 2010.
This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Comments for article: Hope for Haiti
Gervaisson Pluviose, Mar 10, 2010.
Hi everyone. Somebody was asking for the French version of the last part of this great article. I'm starting where it says Be specific.... Here is it: Nous pouvons prier. Pas seulement "S'il vous plaît bénis Haïti», mais spécifique, prières ferventes pour des choses que nous savons être dans la volonté de Dieu. Même si l'on ne connaissait pas personnellement les gens, il est toujours opportun de demander à Dieu sagesse spirituelle et de la compréhension pour eux. Nous pouvons demander que leur soit octroyé le genre de paix qui ne peut être représenté par la connaissance du Christ. Nous pouvons demander qu'il leur soit donné la force et la patience d'endurer leurs souffrances (Colossiens 1:9-11). Nous pouvons prier pour que les croyants ne se détournent pas de Dieu dans leur douleur, mais ils seront encore plus proche de Dieu. Nous pouvons poser pour le genre de foi qui est renforcée en crise. Nous pouvons demander à Dieu de leur rappeler des maisons qui les attend dans les cieux et la joie d'être unis pour toujours avec leurs proches. Et nous pouvons prier que, par cette catastrophe, les non-croyants puissent être éveillés à leur besoin de Dieu et conduit à accepter le don du salut. Je ne peux pas donner de l'argent ou d'aide pour des collectes de fonds pour Haïti, tous les jours. Mais je peux prier pour que les puissants anges de Dieu marchent au milieu de la population locale. Je peux demander à Dieu que l'espoir vienne de la cendre et la vie éternelle pour beaucoup ce sera le résultat final de cette tragédie. Thank you for helping my country. God Bless you.I'm pretty sure that He won't forget what you have done for us.

Comments for article: Hope for Haiti
Donna Helmich, Mar 6, 2010.
Could you find someone to translate the last section of your article into good French, and then e-mail it to me? I am going to Haiti, God willing, with a LLU medical team, and would like to be able to make little momentos with the picture of Christ on them and what you have written about the hope they can have, but in French. Maybe I can give them something to hold on to and pray about, even though I cannot speak their language. I leave April 2, for just a week. Thank-you, Donna Helmich, DDS

Comments for article: Hope for Haiti
Melbourne Williams, Mar 5, 2010.
Today I got briefed that my tenure of employment was soon to end because my degree no longer met the requirements for retention. As I mulled over my financial obligations and a myriad other concerns,a range of emotions began to flood my mind, until I stumbled on your article that jolted me back into the reality of my limited focus, my many blessings and my awesome responsibility. I have prayed, we have solicited contributions at Church as well as at school but... Our entire population is estimated to be at about 60-80,000! At a loss for words. Keep shining. It works.

Comments for article: Hope for Haiti
Katie, Mar 3, 2010.
Beautifully written and so true. We all can pray for Haiti and now Chili as well. Thank you.

Comments for article: Bitter or Thankful?
Grace, Feb 27, 2010.
I was very touched to see how much people suffer. It may not be you, but your neighbor. Knowing that we are all human and are living in this wretched world, we are not exempt, only God's mercy leads us through. The Bible is clear, in this world we'll have no peace but trials and temptations and truly that is what is happening around us. But among all these, we should not forget our Creator, who had a purpose for each and everyone and in every thing, says give thanks for all things, they happen together for good to those who believe in the Son, Jesus Christ. That lets us know that there is hope even beyond the grave. One day we will rest from all these with our Saviour Jesus Christ in His eternal home.

Comments for article: Kenny's Story
King Moshesh, Feb 22, 2010.
It is such a sad thing that we young people look at things for the short term period. A family is a circle that one does not choose, and you belong to it. Friends you choose, place you choose, death you choose sometimes. The story of Kenny is really touching me is a special way. The reason being that, I sometimes feel so useless especially coming to the relationship with my father especially after my mum passed away. He is suffering from diabetes and is loosing sight almost completely. When I can't give him what he requires or asks, I feel like a failure and that distance between my thoughts on this just hit's me very hard. I try to be stronger but sometimes I fail. But thanks to God who saved the life of Kenny, I believe that, He can save the life of my father. This father whom one day, I would like him to see my children who are his grandkids. Sometimes it kills me when I think what's going on through his mind. Loosing wife, sick without someone who really cares as his wife, depending on someone to do things for him after many years of hard work. It is where I just can't break through. But once again, thanks to God who is in control May God be with Kenny and bless him abundantly in his endeavours of life. Be a blessing to someone.

Comments for article: Know Not What They Do
Potential Teacher, Feb 21, 2010.
I am a potential resident/teacher to Valdosta school system. I went into teaching especially to help at risk kids. Looking for a local church to worship, I came upon your appropriate comment. Which school is this, I would love to work there. The next 1/2 of my life has been dedicated to service: educational ministry.

Comments for article: Food for Thought
Mary William, Feb 21, 2010.
Thanks for sharing excellent information. Yes we do have brain dead or feel tired with unhealthy eating. Thanks once again.

Comments for article: Bitter or Thankful?
Jean Jeantinor, Feb 19, 2010.
I am Haitian and I really appreciate your article. You should publish it in a major Newspaper. May God bless you!

Comments for article: Passed Over
denise, Feb 11, 2010.
To any one feeling passed over, you are more than welcome to come to our church. Our church is mostly elderly, and I seem to be having trouble getting across to them, that you are never, ever to old to do God's work. I get strength when I'm doing work for Him, yes I get tired, but oh how sweet the tiredness is!

Comments for article: Who Are You?
Jerry, Feb 7, 2010.
I am very impressed and pleased with your web site. The article, "Who are you?"--Reminds me of a dream I had a few years back. I'd been in a car accident in my dream, and stood on the side of a riverbank, knowing I'd died. Then, I was in Heaven, and God was sitting at a desk, his back to me, and he communicated: "God is Love, Love God, Love is all there is." I then saw men in a square, sitting on leather couches, talking/consulting with each other. I had an intense desire to join them, but knew I was to go back to earth. God said: "Tell as many people as you can, the exact wording I'm giving you: "God is Love, Love God, Love is all there is." When I read this article, this came to my mind, and I wanted to share.

Comments for article: Walled-In Hearts
abiola patricia massay, Feb 6, 2010.
It is true we ourselves don't know about love in our hearts until we know God, when we have God we love unconditionally.

Comments for article: Who Are You?
Mary Ann Benford, Feb 6, 2010.
I read your article. It makes so much sense to me now, instead of me trying to solve a problem, I must pray to God and allow Him to work it out. Glory be the Name of The Almighty God, Honor be his name. Amen.

Comments for article: Obesity and Cancer
Carol Sylvester, Jan 30, 2010.
I need to loose about three stones for health reasons (mainly heart disease and high blood pressure runs in the family). What is the best way to do this? There are so many diets out there. I need to keep the weight off permanently.

Comments for article: Amazing Grace
Vickie, Jan 30, 2010.
My ultimate praise to God is Thank you, actually more than Thank you. We can take every single mess, big or small, that we seem to continually get ourselves into or we live with because of others. I know that the pain and suffering will only get worse. The messes are going to get bigger because that is Satan's mission. Our mission in 2010 and until Jesus comes again is to believe is words. We can not falter in continually praying and turning all of the ugly things in our lives to him. He will rescue us, protect us, guide us, help us to survive. Our survival is in him and him alone. We can not beat ourselves up but keep going. That is what our Lord expects and desires and we must choose his direction no matter what is going on around us! "Trust and obey, for there's no other way!" Peace and love to us all!

Comments for article: He'll Carry You
Roshanna Barnes, Jan 29, 2010.
Thank you for that encouraging story. I am not a single parent but my husband is in the military and has to be gone quite a bit. Sometimes when he is gone I feel like a single parent and I feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. Thank you for sharing your story. It was very encouraging.

Comments for article: Mind, Heart, Spirit
byekwaso lilian, Jan 26, 2010.
It's true!, we have to be tender in everything just as the (Sabbath School) lesson for this quarter tells us to be patient, which I think it encompasses all this. If you're long tempered you keep your spirit not to sin, leaving God to take  control. With that, you keep your mind clear and your heart with joy that we find in Jesus our Savior.

Comments for article: He'll Carry You
Julie Ewell, Jan 23, 2010.
I am a recent single mom for 9 months now. I have struggled for the entire time to make ends meet, and upon all laws and principles of basic mathematics, should have gone under and lost everything time and time again. But the Lord has blessed me with generous strangers, and has put it upon me to tithe on the nothing that I have to offer, and somehow has turned Malachi 3:8-16 into a great truth for me. My daughter and are not wealthy in a monetary way by any means, but the Lord has made us rich in spirit, and I see his blessings and miracles daily. Thank you for edifying the souls of others with your story of hope. It touched my heart and brought peace to some of my ache. May God's blessings be upon you.

Comments for article: Passed Over
Eric Wingrove, Jan 17, 2010.
This article was well written and timely. The writer of this article hears from God no doubt about it.

Comments for article: Passed Over
J. Peet, Jan 15, 2010.
I do not understand why anyone - whatever age - needs to "step down." Isn't there room for all in the Lord's work??? There can be "old" leaders and "young" leaders and "middle-aged" leaders and all can be workers.

Comments for article: Passed Over
Linda Brawner, Jan 15, 2010.
This is really depressing. I've never gotten to use my gifts in church and now I'm supposedly too old for the opportunities. Since when does church have to be the center of ministry? When the church doors closed to my service, God swung open doors in the community and I do far more good there. Doing things in church is nice, but it isn't all there is to the Christian life.

Comments for article: Testimonio en Motocicleta
Josse, Jan 11, 2010.
Hello, I live in Mexicale, Mexico. My husband belongs to a motorcycle club and he has a birthday coming up soon. I would like to give him a prayer he can post in his motorcycle repair shop and he can take with him too. Can you help me with that? Thank you.

Comments for article: Borrador Celestial
Norma Yañez, Jan 9, 2010.
Thank you so much for this article.  I really needed to read about God’s precious promises.  Please pray for my family..  Many blessings…

Comments for article: La Provisión de Dios
Yolanda, Jan 4, 2010.
Yes God always provides when we most need it.  We need to trust that everything will be provided for. Our God is great.

Comments for article: Vida Después de Nacer
Misael, Jan 3, 2010.
This article really caught my attention.  I think that if in other parts of the world there’s unfortunate events happening, one cannot stop doing what we needs to be done around us.  If we can do both things, better yet.

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