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Habitude, what is it? Most of the time when we speak of habits, we use the term negatively such as; “It’s his/her habit to always be late.” Yet, first is attitude. Habit plus attitude equals habitude.

We develop our habitude as children. Good habitude is simply another way of teaming the power of positive thinking with the power of what one person can do. Of course, children may not realize the power element but adults do. Thus, if bad habits are developed, a change is necessary. We need to start over like a little child and relearn.

Our habitude makes for a worthwhile existence or it can ruin us. In order to accentuate good habitude, one needs a goal: where does it lead? Bad habitude is goalless. Discipline takes work, but when one acquires good habitude: happiness happens. It’s like a formula for ever-fresh youthful thinking. It’s also a commitment. David wrote in Psalm 37:5, “ Commit your way to the Lord, trust in Him: he will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.”

Think about it, bad habits are careless attitudes. Carelessness is the opposite of caring. In fact, it is another facet of selfishness. Fortunately, being human, we have choices. In the case of habitude, it is to be caring or to care less. It is not something that we inherit or over which we have no control.

Form of Abuse

As we check the facts about habits and attitudes, we cannot escape this truth: in reality, negative habits and attitudes are a form of abuse. Therefore, we affect all in our sphere because of our habitude. Even our environment suffers if we take an indifferent attitude to our surroundings. Take, for instance, the attitude of a person who sees nothing wrong with trashing roadsides and campgrounds. Such attitude becomes a negative habit. Just as the person, who refuses to throw trash on the highway and cleans up after a picnic or camping experience, shows a positive habitude.

Stephen R. Covey, American author, known as a leadership guru, rated by Time magazine as one of the 25 most influential people in the world, states that our habits are our greatest helper or heaviest burden. He is correct, of course. Certainly, our habits will not get their first foothold if we do not first hold the attitude that leads to helper or burden-maker.

Have you noticed that aging, cranky people seem so much older than those who are cheerful? If you want to look younger to others, share a positive habitude. Eloise Bullock, of San Marcos, Calif., will soon be 102 years old. She still plays piano, writes beautiful encouraging letters, and she’s ever cheerful. Who can believe her age?

Good habitude is our individual choice. By partnering with God, we discover that our power is allowing Him to infuse us with a heavenly habitude because it is He who supplies the power. Indeed, a veritable fountain of youth.

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