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Oxygen Gives Life
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When God created Adam, He breathed air into his lungs, starting our human existence. Since then, man has not been able to live without this very important element.

Oxygen is a vital part of our bodies, and our minds. Without it, a person ceases to exist and life is ended rapidly. Without conscience effort, we breath oxygen into our lungs, which supports many of our bodily processes.

God provided us with lungs, where the oxygen we breathe enters. These lungs take the oxygen and transfer it to sacs, or alveoli, where the exchange between blood filled with carbon dioxide is carried out and the oxygen we breath makes its way to our blood. The oxygen is carried all throughout the body by red blood cells providing it to our brains, organs, and tissues. This full process only takes a few minutes to complete!

Recyling Process

This recycling process not only benefits us but the natural life God created as well. Plants use the carbon dioxide we breath out and gives off oxygen in return. God made sure that nothing would go to waste, and by being outside we benefit ourselves and the nature around us. The purest air is that near waterfalls, oceans, and rivers. Also, pure air can be found in places with lots of plants, such as mountains and forests.

Giving ourselves the chance to breathe pure air has its benefits. A couple of these are reduced breathing rate, relief of certain allergies that may be caused by dust, lower blood pressure, and clearer minds. These advantages can help us be healthier and have a more healthy lifestyle, too. Here are a couple of tips that have helped me get more oxygen into my body, and you can apply them to your life as well:

1. Take a walk outside when you need a break from work, or need to get out of the house.
2. Open the windows in your house every once in awhile to let the breeze in
3. Plan a camping trip with your family, to enjoy the nature God created and benefit your body.
4. Add a couple of plants to your home, that are nice for decoration and give off oxygen to purify the indoor air.

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