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Born To Be
Photo: Sonya Etchison
I was running around my cousin’s living room, carrying my one-year-old baby cousin while chasing after my three-year-old, not-so-baby, can-actually-run-pretty-fast cousin. My back was killing me—my one-year-old cousin is not a featherweight—but they were having a blast. I suddenly realized I was hearing some of the most sincere laughs I have ever heard. It had taken me until then to notice because, and here’s the shocker, they’re like that almost all the time. (With the exception of a careless trip over the toy car or a rashy bum.)

I like being able to recognize sincere emotions, but my guard had been down around them because their emotions are always sincere. If they’re happy, they’ll let you know, if they’re not they’ll let the neighbors know. I always look to babies for a lesson, because in many ways I believe who we were originally is a better version of who we are now. They teach me who we were meant to be, and it was clear—we were born to be happy.

Play peek-a-boo with a child and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The smallest little thing can make them happy. Babies know true happiness. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take them long to realize that this world will not give them that. Look at a child closely when they’ve been hurt and you’ll recognize an unmistakable emotion come over their face right before the floodgates of tears come forth: confusion. They know the true good, but have no idea what the bad is supposed to feel like. They are confused as to why they’re not feeling utterly and completely happy, and all they can do is cry.

Learned to Cope

As adults, we’ve got it down. We know the world will not make us happy, so we’ve learned to cope. Now, instead of crying, we’ve learned the wonderful alternatives of repression, anger, and pride. Our emotions are watered down, and rarely will you ever see an adult laugh with the sincerity of a child. But we were babies first for a reason, so that the longing for true happiness is always within us. And babies are still around for a similar reason, that we may be reminded of how we are supposed to be.

Now, you may be telling me, that all sounds fine and dandy but babies don’t have to deal with the things we do. When was the last time you heard of a child paying a mountain-high bill, dealing with divorce or the stress of an uncooperative boss? Babies have everything planned for them, they have someone to constantly look over them, all they have to do is be babies and someone else will do the rest.

Get where I’m going with this? Jesus didn’t refer to children as examples for us because He thought they were cute, and He didn’t say we needed to be born again because it sounds poetic. (Luke 18:16) He wants us to have the surrender and vulnerability of a child. We have an amazing Heavenly Father that is more than capable of taking care of us adult babies, those who aren’t afraid to place all worries and stress aside, and surrender to His perfect will.

I’m not suggesting that you quit your job and crawl around in an adult diaper, expecting that God will do great things in your life. I am reminding you, like I was reminded, that if babies can trust us flawed humans to change their diaper, why would we not trust God to take care of our mountain-high problems? I am encouraging you to stop worrying and start laughing. To be open and sincere in all things, put pride aside, and let your Father change your diaper. 

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