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Missing the Moments
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Last spring my wife was visiting a nursery looking over the flowers. She happened to be in the section where the Impatiens were displayed. Abruptly a young man walked up to where she was standing. “Beautiful, aren’t they?” he said softly. My wife responded, “Yes, they are. We always plant a few Impatiens each spring and these look especially nice.”

After a pause the young man spoke again, “I’m here to buy some myself.” And then he said something we will never forget: “Last year my wife wanted to buy some of these flowers but I talked her out of it. Then a few weeks ago she brought it up again, but I kind of brushed it off.”  There was a long pause, then with a broken voice he continued, “She died two weeks ago and I came here to….” And with that he turned and rushed off.

My wife and I will always remember this moving story. How tragic that we too often fail to realize how important something might be to our spouse and we miss the moment. During his first love days this man would have bought his wife more flowers than she wanted. Now it was too late to buy just one.

Any relationship can become lukewarm if it is allowed to. It doesn’t mean we aren’t still in love, it simply means we have neglected making sure the passion remained through the years.

Questions for Us All

1.  Do I show the same kindness and respect I did when we were first married?

2.  Do I make provision for special times with my spouse as often as I should?

3.  Am I conscious of his/her needs and desires and try to meet them as I once did?

4.  Do I verbally let my spouse know how important he/she is to my happiness?

5.  Are we still really good friends as well as lovers?

Why not sit down with your spouse during a date night and share where you feel your relationship needs to improve. Reminisce those first love days and make commitments to rekindle the old flames that once burned so brightly. It’s never too late…or is it?

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