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Rescued from Trouble
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When I was eight and my sister was six, we lived in a trailer. It was summer, school was out, and we were playing with the kids in the neighborhood. Dad and Mom were working in a plant across the street.

We were playing hide-and-seek. I was “It,” and I could hear the kids running and yelling as they looked for me. I had to find a hiding place quick. As I ran around our trailer, I spied the rear trunk. It’s just the right size to squeeze into, I thought. So in I crawled. The trunk was hinged at the top, so when I let it go, it slammed shut. They’ll never find me in here, I thought.

I was right. I could hear them running and calling as they looked for me. Then everything got quiet. I was smart. After a while, I figured I might as well get out. Then I realized I was not so smart. There was no inside handle. It was pitch dark, with no air, and getting hot and stuffy.


Then I began to panic. The kids were looking for me elsewhere. Would they ever come back? And, if they did, would they ever think to look in the trunk? Dad and Mom would not come home for a long time. I began to yell and beat on the trunk door.

I had always said my prayers at night. Now it was time for a daytime prayer. I kept on pounding and screaming. Suddenly, the trunk door opened. A little girl had been running by, and had heard me. Fresh air and sunlight had never seemed this good.

God is also good. His Word says, “Pray to Me in time of trouble. I will rescue you, and you will honor Me” (Psalm 50:15).

God keeps His word. You can trust Him. Can He always trust us to keep ours, and to honor Him?

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