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Angels Rode with Us
Photo: Andre Gorlov
My wife and I had been married six weeks. One day we decided to go house hunting. The small upstairs apartment we had hurriedly moved into lacked a private entrance. And we wanted to adopt a pet.

It was a beautiful early June day. We were driving along, looking for an address. As we neared an intersection, I noticed a car approaching from my right. It seemed to be coming pretty fast for a city street. I figured the driver would stop or at least slow down. I figured wrong. Had the other driver swerved left, he may have missed us. As it was, he swerved right, in the same direction we were traveling.

When our Pontiac was in the middle of the intersection, the big Olds crashed into our right front door with tremendous force. Our car began rolling over, and continued to roll for nearly a hundred feet. After the first couple rolls, I realized my wife was no longer in the car (no seat belts in those days). Our car came to rest on the driver’s side, with the engine still running, and the full tank of gas leaking out.

I quickly scrambled up and out the passenger window. As I looked back toward the intersection, I saw my wife fifty feet or so behind the car, on her hands and knees in the street. She had been thrown from our car during one of its rolls, and had evidently landed on her head in the street. But not before her fall had been broken by falling across the bottom of the car as it had rolled over.

Shocked and Dazed

I ran back to her, and picked her up. I saw she was covered with grease, and had a jagged piece of metal protruding from her left wrist. Her left leg was laid open by a long gash from knee to thigh. The top of her head was bloody from hitting the car’s roof and the pavement. She was shocked and dazed, but conscious, and we stood and talked while waiting for the ambulance.

At the hospital, we learned that none of her injuries were serious. The other driver was unhurt, and I had only a small bruise on my left arm. The kind police officer who had investigated the crash took us home. Our car was totaled, and we walked for months before we could buy another.

We believe in miracles. Passengers thrown from vehicles rarely survive. We know that God’s guardian angels saved us from serious injury or death.

Today, as I look at my bride of sixty-one years, and our four wonderful sons and their wives and children, we thank God who sent His angels to protect us.

The Bible says, “God’s angel sets up a circle of protection around us while we pray” (Psalm 34:7).

God’s angels are waiting to travel with you. Don’t leave home without them.

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