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An Apple a Day
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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. How many times have we heard our mothers remind us to eat fruits and veggies in order to keep ourselves in good shape? God gave us a variety of foods to enjoy as a way to maintain our health and stay fit. Though this saying may sound cliché it happens to be very true. Apples have a big impact on our bodies and help our immune systems.

Apples have special nutrients including Vitamin C which is very important for our health. Vitamin C helps prevent bruising and may help prevent simple sicknesses such as the cold or flu. Multiple studies have been done, showing a boost in health just by eating an apple a day.

We must keep in mind that in order to get all the nutrients needed for our body to benefit, we must eat the skin of the apples, which holds six times the nutrients compared to the fleshy part of an apple.  I have always liked the skin of the apple and was brought up eating the apple as a whole but I have quite a few friends who despise the outside and would rather peel it and eat only the inside.

Spiritual Food

Just as we must eat the outside of the apple, not just the inside, in order to get a full boost to our immune system so we must read the Bible as a whole not only the parts we like. God gave us His word as our spiritual food for us to feed and survive on. When we take apart this special gift and only get from it what we wish we are depriving ourselves of the spiritual boost we could be getting if we chose to take God’s word for what it is and consume all that He holds for us in His Word.

The Bible is how we learn of God and it keeps us spiritually healthy until Jesus comes to take us home. It is like the apple, with special nutrients that our body temples need in order to stay fit and in shape. The Bible feeds our souls and keeps us strong in order to survive earthly temptations. If we do not keep up with our spiritual health, just as our physical health, we may fall and become unable to sustain this world’s tribulations.

When you are feeling weak and hunger for something fulfilling grab your Bible, and consume the precious words of our Lord. The Bible says, "Taste and see that the Lord is good."

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