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One Accord
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It was an extremely corny joke. The worship speaker had compared being of one accord or in agreement with one another, to being in a car together: a Honda Accord. It got me thinking about my friend Lily.

Lily and I have gone through our best and worst moments together, and recently we’ve started supporting each other in our spiritual lives. Lily understands me, she knows the way I think, My crazy, out-of-the-box metaphors make as much sense to her as they do to me.

When it comes to our spiritual lives, Lily and I can talk for hours on end and she’s the first person I go to when I have a thought, a question or even a struggle. In many ways, she’s my traveling buddy in this spiritual journey. We’re definitely in one car together. We have heart-to-heart talks that leave me feeling spiritually fulfilled. I see God working in her and through her nearly every day. We often get extremely excited at finding similarities in our lives and in our struggles and high-five each other saying, “Yes! Yes! Dude, I get you, I totally get you.”

God has blessed me greatly by putting Lily in my life and providing us with substance to “bond” over. She encourages me and keeps me going strong when I don’t feel strong. The Bible says that we are to support each other as believers and brothers and sisters in Christ. Thanks to Lily, I can completely understand why.

If you have someone like Lily in your life, appreciate him or her and take advantage of your great relationship. If you don’t, I strongly encourage you to take a deeper look into your relationships and find a person that you feel safe enough to travel with. 

Traveling Buddy

Whether or not you have a “traveling buddy,” there are dozens of ways to strengthen the spiritual relationships with those around you.
  • Join/start a Bible study group together: Groups are a great way to get you out of your comfort zone and bring new perspectives to every situation. Or, if groups aren’t your thing, a small meeting with just two of you can be a great way to share things, but don’t be afraid to speak your mind, even if your thought, problem or idea seems silly.

  • Keep a prayer box. Find an old shoebox (or box of your choosing) and slip pieces of papers in it with your prayer requests. These can be shared or kept private. Also, make it a point to pray about each other during the day. (Lily likes to set prayer alarms on her cell phone and wherever she is when the alarm rings she stops and takes a moment to pray.)

  • Most importantly of all, keep communication open: Human relationships are interesting, fragile things that can fall apart, fade away, or end with a bang without any notice. In order to keep you and your traveling buddy strong, the lines must be open between you, each other, and the Creator of all. He is the foundation of all relationships.
May the Lord bless your travels and may you always have a traveling buddy: they make the ride more meaningful.

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