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I See You!
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In the realm of Christianity, it is a common understanding and teaching that our omnipresent God sees everything that we do. Some think of this as God keeping an eye on us to make sure we stay in line or maybe to even catch us if we don't! Others believe that God's all-seeing ability is in our favor serving as ceaseless companionship in both joy and sorrow. Either way, we humans seem to think a lot about God seeing us. But how much do we, especially Christians, think about ourselves seeing God? And is it out of line for us to actually “keep an eye” on God?

I think it would be a great benefit for us to adopt a personal endeavor to see God, and yes, to keep an eye on him too! Why? Because the more we look at God, the more we will reflect the image from which we were created. Lately, I've been watching for more and more ways to spot God! Sometimes it's very moving, and sometimes it's just plain fun!

For example, as I saw a tulip tree just beginning to open it's magnificent blossoms just recently, I pulled my car over to look at the sight. Immediately, I heard my voice say in a singy-song fashion, “I see you, God!” Not that I believe that the tulip tree is an image of God, but it's beauty is the work of God's hand. How many ways can you spot God?

Here are some ideas to start:

  • Nature! Right now, spring is bursting forth and God's creative power and love can be seen in everything from dandelions to newborn animals. Take a walk and see how quickly you find yourself saying, “I see You!” This happened to me just last Sabbath. I was walking through the campus of Union College, where the squirrels are practically tame and accept food from people's hands. I spotted a squirrel and he spotted me. As I approached, I was delighted that he didn't run. He just looked directly at me and continued to munch on the nut held snuggly between his fingers. Close up, I could more clearly admire his creation and I watched for some time, looking at the details of his auburn fur, his almond-shaped eyes, and plump torso. And as he saw me and I saw him, I couldn't help thinking that I was also seeing God!
  • People. Sadly, in this world there is so much trouble that it can seem challenging to spot God very quickly. But it is often in the midst of those very situations that we get a clear picture of God. For example, next time you hear of a hero like the firemen who saved countless lives in the Twin Towers aftermath, realize that you are seeing God in their actions. Or when you see something as routine as a child holding a door for an elderly person to pass through first, you are seeing God. Look carefully and might even see God in your own actions!
  • Pain. Strangely, there is a lot of light that can be found in the darkness. Even the darkest depression can be a meeting place with the Comforter. And in that moment of relief, though it may be brief, you have spotted God.
  • Praise. Notice your blessings, and actively praise God. God inhabits praise, so when you recognize a blessing, you've spotted God.
The possibilities are endless, so start right now. Sure, it's great to think of God seeing us and looking after us. But don't you think God deserves to be seen too? Especially when we have everything to gain by looking.

"See what God has done!" (Numbers 23:23).

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