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Safe and Sound
Photo: Geraldine Doran
Alberto Rozas and his daughter slept peacefully in their 13th floor Concepción, Chilie apartment. Suddenly the world began to shake. He grabbed his seven-year-old daughter in his arms and they stood underneath the doorframe of the bathroom and waited for the moving to stop. But, the 13 floors underneath them began to collapse like a falling tree. Mr. Rozas and his daughter continued to cling tightly to each other. They couldn’t tell where they were, if up or down. Finally he noticed a broken window. Beyond that broken window, the light from a full moon illuminated his face.

Alberto and his daughter started digging themselves out from under the rubble. The only visible marks on their bodies were small scrapes, cuts, and bruises.

Alberto later said “Dust started falling and a deafening sound roared throughout the apartment…everything came down. We stood under the doorframe of our bathroom. Then, came the terrifying fall. Our apartment building collapsed…entirely!”

After Alberto managed to free himself and his daughter out from under the debris, Alberto "...got medications, Fernanda's clothes and (his) guitar" and took Fernanda, to her mother’s house – safe and sound – and went back to help the firefighters continue to search and rescue his neighbors.

Staring at the Stars

One of Alberto’s neighbors, 25-year-old Abel Torres, had a beautiful view of the Bío-Bío River from his apartment on the 6th floor. He had just walked in after a working late shift, when the quake started. He remembers his television falling on him…and the next thing he knew he found himself staring at stars through his window.

Yet another of Alberto’s neighbors said: “We prayed a lot…and if God allowed us to survive, it was because someone was going to come and rescue us.”

Hours later, when Alberto finished helping the firefighters with the rescue efforts, he went back to see his daughter, Fernanda. A journalist asked him: “Were you afraid when the building you and your daughter were living in started collapsing?” Alberto said, “No. The only thing I knew was that I needed to take our daughter back to her mother – safe and sound. That was the only motivator I had to get out of this horrific situation, without having to regret even worse things. Her mother didn’t deserve anything less than to have her daughter back in her arms, as usual. And that’s what I did.”

This is a life lesson that reminds us of another loving Father. This Father had no objection to giving up his own Son to rescue us all. He’s a Father that keeps risking Himself so that you and I will have an abundant life. He’s the kind of Father that will spare no effort to achieve that. All so that you and I will make it to the end of time – safe and sound.

“O Lord, I call to you; come quickly to me. Hear my voice when I call to you” (Psalm 141:1).

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