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Afraid to Witness?
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Many Christians are terrified by the thought of it. I’m not sure why, but it’s true, even though we wish it wasn’t. It could be from fear of saying the wrong thing. Or maybe we fear embarrassing ourselves, or possibly being rejected. Regardless, the apprehension is there and it often causes a sense of guilt.

What am I talking about? Witnessing—sharing our faith or leading someone to accept Jesus. Now don’t beat yourself up if you fit into the above category. There is hope and it’s more simple than one might think. Here is one of my experiences.

I was a part of a group that met once a week for training on how to effectively share our faith. We would “practice” by visiting the home of someone new to our community and church family. We would explain our intent and the people were always blessed.

One afternoon, with her consent, we visited a lady who had just moved into our area. She kindly advised us that her husband was not a believer and might lack genuine enthusiasm by our visit.

Our group of three was welcomed into the lady’s home and were ushered into a large living room. We became a little uneasy when her husband entered and sat down as far away as he could possibly get. After some small talk one of our team, a rather shy lady, started her presentation of the gospel. There is no way to describe her performance other than to say it could not have been more confusing and disjointed. She spoke so fast even I became confused. Then she blurted out the question we were taught to ask at the proper time, “Would you like to accept Jesus into your life and become a Christian?” Somehow I expected her to say “no” and cancel her membership at our church.

Amazing Thing Happened

But the most amazing thing happened. I will never forget it or the lesson it taught us that day. Before she could respond, her husband leaned forward in his chair and almost shouted, “I would”. We were stunned. Gathering our composure, we invited him to join us and we had the joy of leading him in a prayer to the foot of the cross. After preparation that man was baptized and joined our church family. Wow!

That day we were reminded, “. . . ‘not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit’ says the Lord Almighty” (Zechariah 4:6). Saving people is God’s work. We have no power within ourselves. We are simply messengers with a message. God only asks us to let His Spirit work through us.

If you feel God calling you to share your faith and don’t know where to begin, obtain some little pamphlets called “Steps to Peace with God” written by Billy Graham. Check your local Christian book store. Simply read the pamphlet to someone and watch God work. Practice on your family. Expect great things—really great things!

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