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Part of the Family
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Several years ago, a stray kitty visited our porch. She climbed up on the bench and looked in our window. It was the middle of winter and snow covered the yard. My husband and I  felt bad for the stray kitty as she looked through a frost covered window into our warm living room. After a few weeks we decided that if this cat did not belong to anyone else, we would take her in. We already had one cat, but we really wanted this stray to have a home.

We tried to coax little kitty into our home but she would run underneath our house when we got near her. We put some food on our porch and saw her come and eat it along with a family of possums.  We finally came to the conclusion that the possums must have taken her in as a small kitten,  fed her and allowed her to live with them under our house. What a strange mix!

Spring came and we started leaving our door open or sitting on the porch to try to get her to come to us. Eventually, we were able to pet the tip of her tail. Then she let us pet her body and finally her head. One evening in late spring, she allowed me to pick her up and bring her inside. She let my husband and I  hold her and pet her and she soaked up the attention like nothing she had experienced before. She was so grateful for the love.


From that night on, we knew she would be in our lives. We took her to the vet for a check-up and we made sure she didn’t belong to anyone else. We loved our new kitty who we named Chloe. It didn’t take long for Chloe to become a part of our family!

This incident reminds me of God and His great love and concern for us. Sometimes we feel like we are on the outside looking in but God opens the door for us and invites us to come in. If we are timid, He isn’t pushy. He allows us to come to Him at our own pace. When we finally do come before Him, the love we feel is like nothing we have ever felt before. He takes care of us and it doesn’t take us long to become part of His family!

 “The Lord is good to everyone; he is merciful to all he has made” (Psalm 145:9).

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