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Spring Cleaning
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Spring has officially sprung! And it’s the perfect time to think about spring cleaning. But if you’re a mom, don’t think you have to do it all by yourself—it should be a family affair. And as much as your kids and hubby may complain, you can actually make cleaning fairly easy to accomplish, as well as fun.

In planning my spring cleaning, I’ve combined some of my own plans with those from “Tips For Organizing a Family Cleanup Day”:1

Cleaning Tips
  • Have your entire family mark the cleaning day on their calendars. Choose a day when everyone is free to stay home.

  • Gather supplies before the day arrives. Needing to run to the store while you’re cleaning wastes time and can cause you to lose momentum.

  • Turn off all cell phones as well as your house phone. It’s too temping to answer a call or to make one. Before you know it, you’re spent a lot of time talking rather than cleaning.

  • Invite each family member to bring his or her favorite CD to play and take turns. (Yes, in all fairness you need to listen to your kids’ music!).

  • Write chores that need to be done on slips of paper and place them in a jar marked “Jobs”. Have each member from youngest to oldest draw a job. When that job is finished, they can place their paper in a “Done” jar and draw another one.

  • Make sure jobs are age appropriate. Adults and teens should handle heavy cleaning jobs and ones that could be dangerous for younger children.

  • Have snacks and drinks on hand for break times. Choose your family’s favorites and plan specific break times during the day to put your feet up, enjoy the snacks and visit.

  • Have a picnic lunch. If the weather is good, have it outside. If not spread a blanket on your living room floor. Make it an easy-to-fix lunch of sandwiches, chips, veggies and fruit. Use paper plates and plastic ware so there’s little cleanup.

  • Plan a reward when the day is done. Go out to dinner or for an ice cream desert. Rent a family movie and watch it in your newly-cleaned home. And tell your kids they can have a friend over in the coming week.

  • Take a few moments to share how each family member feels about your clean-smelling, sparkling house. Discuss ways that each one can help to keep it this way.

  • Go to sleep feeling good about not only having a clean house, but also spending the day together as a family, working toward the same goal.
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