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In Defense of Animals
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I have a very soft heart for animals, particularly animals that have been abused and neglected. One of my favorite TV programs is one that takes an animal (usually a dog, cat, or horse) from an environment of neglect and then builds the animal back to good health and sociable behavior so that it can then be adopted. I love those animals and I love the people who rescue them. I believe that those people are special stewards of God's creation and it makes me want to be among them.

One such hero is our neighbor, Mrs. Lindley. Even though she is old and suffers with emphysema, that skinny lady works tirelessly to rescue neglected animals and many times reports animal abusers to the police. She has a fenced yard for her adopted friends and she spends her own money to advance her passion for saving dogs and cats. Because of her dedication to stop animal abuse, she is not always admired by people. But the animals love her dearly. And so do we. When the Lord returns for his people, I expect to see Mrs. Lindley among them with an entourage of furry friends surrounding her.

Recently, I was able to play a small part in the defense of animals.

Tied to a Pole

I had driven by a house several times during the winter and seen a small black puppy outside tied to a pole in the snow with no house or shelter at all. On this particular day, I saw it dancing from paw to paw because of the cold ground. That's it, I thought. It was time to do something. I knocked on the door, but no one answered.

So I went to the police station to see if there was an organization in the area to report this to. There was. So I made the call and a dog house was taken to the house with instructions to the owners of how to care for the puppy properly. They were also warned of the consequences of not following through with the instructions.

I must say it felt really good to get involved in behalf of that little dog.

I got in my car, thanked the Lord for helping me to intervene properly, and then exclaimed, “Mrs. Lindley lives!” Mrs. Lindley and all the other wonderful defenders of God's creatures are an inspiration to the rest of us to get involved in helping animals. Whether we end up adopting rescued animals, volunteer at shelters, or just keep an eye out for neglect, we need to be showing our children that loving animals does not stop with our own pets. Our Creator gave mankind dominion over the animals. Dominion does not mean a heavy hand, but rather, a gentle hand of nurturing and care.

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