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Fierce Independence
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"Do it myself," is a pretty common phrase from my two year old right now.  I generally don't mind it.  I know he's learning independence and trying out his skills.  But yesterday's experience took the cake.

He climbed up into his car seat and I started putting his arms through the straps. I'd gotten one on when he threw a fit and started the "Do it myself!" mantra. I said, "Fine," and backed away. But instead of just continuing with the process, he actually removed his arm from the strap I'd put on, paused for a brief moment, and then put his arm back through before moving on to the other side. It was all I could do to keep from bursting out in laughter. But that is soooo me.

I would need many more appendages than I have to count the number of times I have insisted on doing it myself. I am so fiercely independent that I struggle to accept help or guidance from anyone – my husband, my friends, and unfortunately, my God.

Impossible for Me to See

An independent nature can be a wonderful characteristic to have, but it often goes hand-in-hand with a lack of humility.  My independence often makes it impossible for me to see that others might be wiser, smarter or more experienced than me. Or maybe they are none of those things, but they might at this moment, have a word from the Lord that I need to hear. This character trait makes it hard for me to see that the way I think it should be might not be the very best way for today.

And more importantly, my independence sometimes keeps me from seeking and listening to the words of the Lord for my decisions or choices. That means I lose out on all that God could be trying to teach me.

Lord, may I let you guide my arms through the seatbelts of this life. May I learn from your teaching and leading that my independent spirit can be even more beautiful when in the shadow of your care.

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