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Angels All Around
Photo: Barbara Reddoch
I had just finished reading my four-year-old son, the story of Daniel. At the end of the story, it talked about how God had sent angels to protect Daniel from the lions, and that He also sends His angels to watch over us. My son wanted to pray.  “Dear God, please send an angel, because I have never seen one.” 

Have you seen an angel?

I read recently about a mother with three children. Her kids were out front playing when she heard a loud noise. Her oldest boy ran in to tell her that her youngest boy had been hit by a car and the car hadn’t even stopped. She raced out to where her boy was lying very still. She feared he was dead. Someone called the ambulance, and when the EMTs arrived, they were unsure that he would even make it, and that he was possibly already dead.

A woman approached the scene but was pushed aside by the paramedics. But the woman made her way to the boy and laid her hands on him and prayed, “God, please do not take this child.” Shortly after that, the boys eyes opened. He was taken to the hospital and was later told he was going to be okay. The doctors were amazed that he lived. He should have been dead with the impact of the car hitting him.

Thank God

The mother wanted to thank the woman. She found her but the woman told her, “No love. Don’t thank me; thank God.

The mother said, “How did you do that?”

The woman replied, “Ask God.”

The mother thanked God for sending His angel to watch over her son.

We may not have a story exactly like this one, but angels are everywhere--all around us. They come in many different shapes and sizes. My son often asks me, “Mom, are the angels with us all the time?” I tell him, “Yes, they are. No matter where we go.”

We may have seen an angel, and not even realized it. Thank God for His gift of angels to watch over and protect us!

"For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways..." (Psalms 91:11).

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