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I Need You
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My son, Carter, is four-years-old turning 18. His independence is very important to him. The desire to do pretty much everything on his own is not only important, it’s his demand.

He loves to play dress-up. One of his favorite outfits, is his fireman outfit. He puts on his pants, boots, coat, gloves, hat and even attaches little items such as flashlights and hammers to his coat. But then it comes time to put on his backpack. He pretends that his backpack is his oxygen tank while he is putting out the fires. He has some trouble putting on his backpack with all the other gear he already has on. He tries to put it on for quite awhile, and then the all too familiar sound of frustration fills the room. He can’t do it on his own.

Tears and Quivering Lip

Finally with tears in his eyes and a quiver in his lip, he comes and finds me and says, “Momma, I need your help, but I don’t want to need your help. I want to do it by myself.” I bent down and looked Carter in the eyes and said, “Did you know that firemen sometimes need help from the fire chief?”

Does Carter's statement sound a little familiar? Do you find yourself ever saying that to God? I do. We try so hard to do things on our own but in the end we discover we need help. We feel like we are a failure when we cannot do it by ourselves. Finally we come to God, and possibly at times, with tears in our eyes and a quiver in our lips and say, “God, I need Your help, but I don’t want to need Your help. I want to do it by myself.” And then God bends down and looks us directly in the eyes and says, “Did you know that people sometimes need help from their Maker?”

Carter was full of joy to discover that it was okay to ask for help. He didn’t have to do it alone. He could ask his fire chief momma to help. Just like we can ask our God! We were made to need God, just like our children were made to need their parents.

"My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth" (Psalms 121:2).

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