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Not Home Yet
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We were hopelessly lost. Surprisingly, this time at least, it wasn’t because I was with two of the worst drivers that have ever stepped behind a wheel. We had taken one wrong turn, just one, and now had no idea where we were or how to get back. We knew exactly where we had turned wrong, but didn’t know what to do to get back on the right path.

Three hours and over fifteen phone calls to friends later, there was but one thought in each of our minds: surrender. Each person we called had given us his or her own way of getting to the beach, and each way had failed us. We followed their instructions perfectly, yet remained lost. Phrases like “Let’s just go back” and “It’s not worth it” began to dominate our conversations. We were, hopelessly, lost.

Sometimes it seems that way, doesn’t it? People say the straight and narrow path is tough to travel, but it can also be tough to find. As humans, we are inclined to think that our ways are right; that our directions, or someone else’s, will get us to Heaven. How do we know if we are on the right path? How do we get there?

Call Dad

Time kept passing by and we had almost decided to give up, until my friend turned to his brother and said “Chris, let’s call Dad.”

They pulled over to the side of the road and dialed their father’s familiar number. Spirits began to lift as their dad gave us specific instructions on how to get out of our mess and onto the right road. Less than two minutes later we were on the way, and after ten beautiful minutes we arrived. It never felt so good to step on solid ground. Why had we not asked him for directions in the first place?

Why do we not ask Him for directions at all? Why do we feel like someone else will tell us how to get on the right path better than God Himself? Psalms 107:6 says, "Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress."

In those ten beautiful minutes of travel on the right road to the beach, I noticed the song that was playing over the car speakers. It related perfectly to our situation, and made me realize that God had just taught us a lesson. As Steven Curtis Chapman sang, I made up my mind to never forget that we are "Not Home Yet". It is so easy to forget, to feel like this life, this car ride, is all there is. But there is beautiful solid ground, solid ground like we’ve never experienced before, waiting for us at our real Home.

"Not Home Yet"

"I know there’ll be a moment
I know there’ll be a place
When we will see our Savior
And fall in His embrace
So let us not grow weary
Or too content to stay
‘Cause we are not home yet
We are not home yet
Not home yet
So let us journey on."

There is beautiful life after this tiring car ride; we are not home yet. So let us journey on.

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