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Spiritual Dating
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When Christian couples are dating, they are often encouraged to choose their dates carefully. Not only the person they date, but also the actual date itself. Caution is given for when it is appropriate to be alone and when being alone should be avoided. Suggestions are given for choosing things to do that would allow each person to get to know the other, especially the more weighty traits such as spirituality. As a result, the couple will often choose dates that involve church events.

When a couple marries, however, it seems that the spiritual-based dates seem to diminish a little. Have you ever noticed that? Part of that may be because the caution needed for unmarried couples to avoid the sexual temptation has now been removed. But is that the only reason to have spiritual dates? It shouldn’t be. Especially if the married couple wants to maintain the spiritual strength they have begun together as a couple. Here are some ideas for spiritual dates. You will, no doubt, be able to add some of your own.

  • Check community announcements for church activities that are open to the public. It doesn’t always need to be your own church.  For example, my husband and I enjoy going to an old-fashioned sing-along that is held in an historic church in our community once a month. People from all faiths show up and sing out of hymn books and the echo of the blended voices in that old church never fails to thrill my heart.
  • “Double date” by having Bible studies with another couple. Or maybe even just watching a Christian film together. An excellent choice would be a very inspiring Christian story called “Fire Proof.” This film is used often in church events.
  • Cook a meal together, trying some new healthy recipes.  When couples are dating, they cook together, so why not continue after you’re married?  Try something really different like homemade hummus or a new way with baking bread.  If it’s a success, great!  If it’s a bust, you still had the fun of trying it together.
  • Take a walk in nature. Be creative by walking the same path in daytime and then another time at night. How is it different? What are the different sounds of creatures? Include all of the seasons, too. Winter walks can be very invigorating, requiring much physical contact for warmth!
Everyone knows how important having dates is to keeping a marriage healthy and alive. But marriage can be even healthier when dating includes your Matchmaker!

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