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Where Flowers Bloom
Photo: Studiomill
“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” -Lady Bird Johnson

Who can tell the value of a simple flower? We often send flowers to express love, gratitude or sympathy. We somehow know that flowers lift the human spirit. They help us see the beauty in life, and the hope in living it.

Contact with flowers also seems to reduce stress, which may be one reason White House gardeners plant 3,500 tulip bulbs in the Rose Garden each fall for the springtime enjoyment of first family and their visitors. The beauty of 3,500 tulips in bloom must make one pause and breathe deeply while taking in the stunning sight.

Flowers are not only a present delight but a part of history. As every civilization has left settled lands and expanded its borders, true pioneers have brought with them seeds or carefully wrapped root stock of favorite flowers to plant around their new dwellings. I have read that George Washington Carver, the renowned botanist and inventor, not only gave away thousands of seeds but wore a fresh flower every day in the lapel of his jacket.

Flowers on the Table

When I step outside in the spring to look for blooms in our garden I remember the famous news commentator Paul Harvey who told how his wife Angel made sure there were flowers (fresh or otherwise) on the table for every single meal during their long and happy life together. I also recall how he chose a golden rose as a symbol for enduring love.

Do you remember that romantic story about the young husband who filled their home with flowers during his wife’s difficult pregnancy? When she was unable to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature, he brought that beauty to her by placing huge bouquets of fragrant roses in every room of their house.

Extravagant?Yes.Expensive? No doubt. But how can one calculate the value of feeling so cherished?

Flowers make us smile. And that is something we all need. So whether we're growing flowers, buying bouquets or ordering them long distance, we can always know we’re brightening lives and bringing hope.

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