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Hope for Haiti
Photo: Suhendri Utet
I can’t stop thinking about Haiti. The horror of thousands of rotting bodies, people trapped for days in rubble, the agony of people not knowing if their loved ones were dead or alive. Those heart-breaking images of parents clutching their dead children are almost more than I can bear. Their devastation, their pain, their fear is overwhelming.

And I feel so powerless to help. I don’t personally know anyone in Haiti. I have no medical skills to offer and slim financial resources. Yes, I did send a text message to make a donation to a charitable organization. And I spent an evening in my kitchen baking cookies for a fund raiser, and another evening attending a benefit concert sponsored by my children’s school.

But when the concert was over our family went home together to a well-stocked pantry and comfortable beds. And I couldn’t help thinking, “There has to be more I can do.” One cannot simply ignore such raw human suffering, especially when as a Christian I know that the believers in Haiti are my brothers and sisters in Christ.

As I was reading my Bible today I began to realize that there is something significant every Christian can do, regardless of his or her skills, knowledge or financial status. It is, in fact, the greatest thing we can do because it releases God’s power to manifest itself in Haiti.

Be Specific

We can pray. Not just “Please bless Haiti” but specific, earnest prayers for things we know are within God’s will. Even if we are not personally acquainted with people, it is always right to ask for spiritual wisdom and understanding for them. We can ask that they be granted the kind of peace that can only be accounted for through knowing Christ. We can ask that they be given strength and patience to endure their sufferings (Colossians 1:9-11).

We can pray that believers will not turn away from God in their grief, but will be brought even closer to God. We can ask for the kind of faith that is strengthened in crisis. We can ask that they be reminded of the homes awaiting them in heaven and the joy of being united forever with loved ones. And we can pray that through this catastrophe non-believers will be awakened to their need for God and led to accept the gift of salvation.

I cannot give money or help with fundraisers for Haiti every day. But I can pray that powerful angels from God will walk among the people there. I can ask that hope will spring from ashes and eternal life for many will be the ultimate result of this tragedy.

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