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Truthful Witness
Photo: Milan Vasciek
It’s the American way. You drive to your bank to either cash a check, deposit money or request to withdraw an amount from your checking or savings account. It was this sort of routine at a bank for a man we’ll call Ralph.

Ralph had received notice in his mail that he had over paid when he remitted his property taxes. Enclosed with the notice was a refund check for $9. Ralph took the check  to the drive up window at his bank. He opened the tube, inserted the check, and instantly  the check was sucked up through the tube until it reached the bank teller. When the bank teller asked Ralph how he wanted her to process the check, Ralph asked for it to be returned to him in cash.

When the tube came back to his car the cash was in the bank's customary return envelope. Because it wasn’t that much money Ralph just put it into his pocket and forgot about it. Later that evening he found the envelope. When he opened it Ralph was shocked to find not just nine dollars but nine $100 dollar bills!

Discrepancy in the Books

The very next morning he drove back to his bank with the $900. This time he went inside to ask the teller if at closing the previous day anyone had found a discrepancy in their books. The teller asked the manager-on-duty to come to her window and apprised her of this unusual circumstance. After doing some inquiring the manager told Ralph that she found no discrepancy in their books.

Ralph asked the two ladies if they wanted him to leave the envelope containing the $900 with them while they continued to check. The manager smiled and kindly said that would not be necessary.

Later in the day Ralph received a call from the bank. You guessed it. They had found his $9 check and realized there had been an unfortunate mistake. Timidly they asked Ralph if he would mind coming back to the bank to return the $900. They assured him they’d have his $9 cash that he was due ready for him to pick up when he arrived.

Ralph is a minister whose church uses the same bank for their accounts. There was no discrepancy in Ralph’s mind of what was right and what he needed to do. Ralph practiced what the wisest man who ever lived admonished in Proverbs 12:17, ” A truthful witness gives honest testimony, but a false witness tells lies.”

“The Lord gave me another chance to witness for Him and our church”, notes Ralph. “God is good.”

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